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This page lists the Update Archives up to the end of December 2001.

9 Dec 2001

Fermanagh Friends Section
John Cunningham has contributed a Christmas Present to Fermanagh Friends. The Kinawley Cemetery inscriptions are now included in the database. Thank you John for another valuable contribution for Fermanagh researchers.

Val Anderson's McClelland Collection pages: all names within the article have been indexed and added to the searchable database.


29 Nov 2001

New Information for all to View
Clan McLellan Reunion due to take place in July 2002, Canada  

The Surnames Interests pages have a couple of additional search facilities allowing you to view the latest additions and to search for whole or part surname.


17 Nov 2001

Fermanagh Friends Section
Thanks to Jen Nielson for contributing her considerable amount of information on Armstrong families in Aghavea. This information is in the Fermanagh Friends area.

New Information for all to View
The Fermanagh Focus section continues to grow. This section is devoted to collecting information about specific towns and villages. So far there are pages for Belleek, Brookeborough, Clonelly, Derrygonnelly, Devenish, Ederney, Enniskillen, Irvinestown, Kesh, Lack, Lisnaskea, Newtownbutler and Pettigo. The entries from Lowe's 1880 Directory have been added for each place. These 600+ names have also been added to the databases and will show up in the Surname and Places searches.

On each of the pages you can add your own information, see HERE for more details. John Cunningham has contributed "A Little History" for Ederney, Kesh, Lack and Pettigo. These history pages also include names of traders from Slater's Directory 1870.

A fashionable wedding in Pettigo, an example of a new local newspaper search service by John Cunningham.


29 Oct 2001

Two additions to the website since it was relaunched only two days ago.

John Cunningham has sent the outline programme for the McGrath Clan Weekend 2002 Weekend in Pettigo. 

List your Surname interests on the Fermanagh Gold Visitors' Surname Interests page. This is a new page so you are invited to complete the form and you will see your details added to the list straight away. Try it now HERE If you just want to see what surnames have been listed so far go HERE


27 Oct 2001


These web pages are for viewing by Fermanagh Friends. To become a Friend you need to subscribe to the Fermanagh-Gold mailing list. More HERE

Killadeas CoI Graveyard Inscriptions

Muster Rolls, 1630

Fermanagh families emigrating to Quebec, Canada

Passengers to Quebec in 1847

Passengers to New York

Marriage Certificates McCaul/Reilly 1885 Newtownbutler

Selected Tubrid Baptisms/Marriages

NEW INFORMATION (not in Fermanagh Friends area)

General Help using the website

Site navigation problems

Summary of Fermanagh Friends section

Focus on Pettigo (including map) 

Willie McBride on film

Border Reivers in Fermanagh


3 Aug 2001

This will be the last update until about the end of September as I am taking my annual "time off" from the site.  There are still some contributions to be published on the site including the Muster Rolls submitted by Bill Barber and some 1841 census entries.  It has been a couple of months since the site was updated but there is some interesting new material in this update including the Devenish cemetery inscriptions. A reminder that all database material is accessible once you have signed up to be a Fermanagh Friend. This registration process has changed and now requires that you subscribe to the new Fermanagh-Gold Mailing list.  The list is open to all discussions about Fermanagh and, whilst taking a vacation from the web site, I will continue to participate in the mailing list discussions.

Enjoy your summer and to our antipodean Friends, may your winter not be too severe!

To facilitate the large number of visitors requiring access to the database records on Fermanagh Gold the e-mail registration process has been changed to a Fermanagh-Gold mailing list subscription. Read more HERE

Devenish Cemetery Inscriptions (St Molaise Church and the Abbey Cemetery) have been transcribed from the 1897 publication "Devenish (Lough Erne) it's History, Antiquities and Traditions". They can be found in the Fermanagh Friends section.

Keenaghan Graveyard and Muckross Cemetery inscriptions have been submitted by John Cunningham.

Some Tithe Index Records for Killesher in 1828 have been submitted by Nicola Jane Courtney.

3rd McGrath Clan Gathering
John Cunningham has forwarded a report on this gathering. This coincides with the launch of the McGrath Clan website. 

OTHER ADDITIONS TO THE SITE (not requiring registration)

Fermanagh in 1798
Extract from an article "Two Gaelic Manuscripts from Fermanagh in 1798" written by Séamas Mac Annaidh appear by permission HERE

Belleek Village has now got a new home. This website, by John Cunningham, started out as the Belleek Schools Reunion Site and contains information from a collection of schools in Belleek.

Ireland on Film A collector's list.

Updates to the Booklist page include details of George Sheridan's Memories from south-west Ulster "When Turkeys chewed Tobacco". Read about the project HERE

LDS IGI batch nos. for Fermanagh and neighbouring counties.


25 May 2001

Eddie Lawn Commemorative Weekend at Belleek
John Cunningham has provided details about this forthcoming event in June. 

Resources Section
The full list by surname of families included in Burke's Irish Family Records HERE

Fermanagh Friends Area
Hugh Casement has contributed a document about the Beatty family origins in Fermanagh.

Bud Flanagan has sent a list of published cemetery inscriptions, some of which already appear in the Fermanagh Friends section of the site.

Some emigration records are being added to the site. In addition to the orphan Fermanagh girls to Australia, we now have some Fermanagh residents emigrating from Londonderry in 1838 and other misc. departures from Londonderry and Sligo.

Tubrid Church cemetery inscriptions have been updated by John Cunningham. Records already on the site have been amended to include new individuals and about 100 more inscriptions have been added.

I have been working through the 1821 census entries adding in known parents information. For individuals with different surnames (but recorded at the same address) there is a now a link to view the Head's details. This should help to identify the main householder and family.


5 May 2001

John Cunningham has forwarded a piece about Highway Black Frank McHugh, gentleman highwayman of the late 1700s HERE

Some useful information about land, valuations and units of measurement have been put together by William Flanagan:

Poor Law Act 1838 HERE
Review and tidy up of Place Finder
Land Valuation Background HERE
Units of Measurement HERE 

The places database section on the website has been overhauled and integrated into one database. This means you can now search for a place among the list of over 5,000 places. The information you see may include an OS reference, churches and places of interest in the area and links to other pages of information. This search is available for all visitors HERE  

There is a separate search for Churches giving location and denomination.

Thanks to William Flanagan for collating and typing up all this information.

Several new items have been added:

A list of names from Carrick Graveyard (William Flanagan)
Partial Leonard entries from 1901 Census (Nicola Jane Courtney)
Lowe's 1880 Directory information for Lack and Ederney has been added to the new Fermanagh Focus section. Local traders are also listed.


20 April 2001
The cemetery pages, in the Fermanagh Friends area, now includes a list of all death and burial surnames (including variants) recorded at each place. This will enable you to firstly see whether a name exists for each of the cemeteries and then to conduct a search for all records with that surname. As the cemetery inscriptions are rich with information about other family members this should prove to be an additional aid when you are searching your ancestral roots.


18 April 2001
Acting on the ideas of Bud Flanagan and Janet C-S, Fermanagh Gold is launching a new section of the website. 

Fermanagh Focus will concentrate on specific areas, villages or towns within the county. Each area will eventually resemble a virtual tour and will include a variety of information about the place: families who lived there, geographical descriptions, specific areas of interest etc. There is a facility where you can add your own information on line and view the results instantly. To start the ball rolling and hopefully to encourage you to contribute your information, we have Clonelly, Derrygonnelly, Lack and Ederney. 

This section is in the early stages and information will be added as it arrives. If you have information you would like to add about any other place, email me with your suggestion and I will create the link and pages.

Fermanagh Focus is part of the Fermanagh Friends area.  


Gail M Orr Erickson has contributed a number of indentures relating to leases between Henry Brooke and various Burnside family members.

John Convery has sent information about Cadden family members in Newtownbutler, Lisnaskea and Enniskillen.

The Wills section now includes two transcriptions from my own collection of original manuscripts in connection with Clonelly House near Kesh. 

John Cunningham has agreed to his new inscriptions for this cemetery being included on Fermanagh Gold. 

All of the above contributions are in the Fermanagh Friends section of the site.

Information about Isabella Reid of Grogy, her marriages, children and emigration to Nebraska has been contributed by Joan R Jones. Joan's information has been included in the Fermanagh Friends section and the names have been added to the Fermanagh Friends database.

William J Flanagan has contributed some more information about places in Fermanagh. A searchable list of over 350 churches has now been included HERE


Wednesday 14 March 2001
"Monasteries and Early Churches on the River Erne". Read John Cunningham's Book Launch presentation in the new History section.


Monday 12 March 2001
A couple of new sections have been added to the Fermanagh Friends section - Special Collections and Fermanagh Wills. Fermanagh Gold is setting up a new project Fermanagh Focus with emphasis placed on specific areas of Fermanagh. There is a brief introduction here

Special Collections: reserved for major projects about a particular family name or place. The first project is about the BETTY families of Bellanaleck submitted by Ronald Betty. This project includes 54 documents which have been fully bookmarked. There is an index page with links to all names and places mentioned in the documents.

Some Johnston wills have been contributed by John Cunningham. These wills are the first contributions in the new Fermanagh Wills section.

Wendy Backhouse has sent in some information about her Tumath (and variants) ancestors gathered from church records in Innishmacsaint. These have been added to the database.

John Cunningham has provided additional background information about the Catholic Rolls which can be found in the Census section of Fermanagh Friends.

Susan McCaffrey: John Cunningham has written about the life of Susan McCaffrey who died in February. Susan worked for part of her life at Clonelly House. "John's article has been included here as, besides being a fascinating account of a colourful character, Clonelly House was my childhood home". (Jan)

The above contributions are accessible to Fermanagh Friends

William Flanagan's place name search has been expanded by another 2,000 entries. To search this database click here

There have a number of links added to various pages on the website.  Thank you to everyone who sends contributions, large or small, they all help to make Fermanagh Gold a valuable resource for everyone.


Wednesday 21 February 2001
The site, in particular the database underpinning the searches, is going through a much needed tidying up with particular emphasis being placed on rationalising the many searches into a more coherent and integrated search facility. Consequently on most search results you will be able to access the full record in the database for any individual listed. More detail is provided under the separate headings below.

More links have been added between short extracted results in some searches back to the full record. On the Search Results pages you will notice that there is a link on the Record No. Click on the Record No. to see the full entry for that individual.  The full record may reveal parents and/or a spouse which is not displayed in the initial quick search.

The Quick Surname pages have been replaced by one Surname Search page. First you have the option to choose a letter from an alphabetical grid. Next you will see the full list of surnames beginning with that letter.  This allows you to see immediately the range of spelling variations for many of the names. Each surname link, when clicked, will display all the records in the database for that particular surname. Click the link on the Record No. to view the Full Record entry for any individual.
[Note: The Quick Search facility was removed in Oct 2001]

Previously this search wasn't comprehensive enough to show you all people associated with a particular place name.  This has been radically improved.  As with the Surnames, you can now choose a letter from an alphabetical grid. Next you will see the full list of places beginning with that letter.  This allows you to see immediately the range of spelling variations for many of the place names. 

Each place name entry is a link which when clicked, will display all the records in the database for that particular place in family surname order. This search should provide a good overview of families within a particular locality. Click the link on the Record No. to view the Full Record entry for any individual. 

One of the major areas of review is the 1821 census. Over the next couple of months I will add parents information (where known) to the children's records so that same family members can be identified from the searches. With over 9,200 records this will inevitably take some time!


More details are being added for the 1881 Fermanagh strays index e.g. Occupation and other family members present in the household. This is ongoing and not yet complete. Each 1881 Census Stray record will eventually include links to other Fermanagh born people in the same household or a link to a form where you can request a lookup for a particular individual. 

Sheila McKenna has contributed a collection of baptisms recorded in 1835-1880 Parochial registers, Catholic Church, Parish of Aghalurcher. This information has been included in the Fermanagh Friends database.

In addition to the ongoing updates mentioned above, there are some major contributions still to be published to the site. Check this update page regularly for latest news.



Friday 12 January 2001
A couple of interesting items have now been added to the site. The Catholic Qualification Rolls Index for Fermanagh (Clogher Record 1959) has been contributed by Janet C-S.

Nancy Byng has submitted 2 collections:  the Rossorry householders recorded in the 1766 Religious Survey and information about young orphan girls from Fermanagh who were transported to Australia.

To view these contributions you will need to be a Fermanagh Friend, full details of which appear HERE


Updates prior to 1 January 2001 have been moved to the Update Archives Page HERE