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This page contains all notes posted on the Updates Page to the end of Dec 2000.

Wednesday 27 December 2000
Two more collections have been added today: Ray Hawkins has contributed Irvinestown Tower cemetery inscriptions 

Is anyone searching the BETTY family in Fermanagh? Ronald Betty has contributed some interesting articles from Fermanagh newspapers and hopes to make a connection with other Betty researchers. 

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Sunday 10 December 2000
A considerable amount of material has been published over the last couple of days.  If you've been dropping in you will see the date above has changed daily from 8 through to 10 December. As far as I am aware, this brings all the contributions up to date.  Fermanagh Gold now holds 27,975 records which are FREE to search by anyone researching their Fermanagh roots. This will be the last update for a month or two but contributions can still be sent to me for including on the site after the New Year.

Fermanagh Gold features 3 families this month:
Somerville (and variants) submitted by Diane;
Callaghan submitted by Patrick Callaghan:
McClelland submitted by Valerie (McClelland) Anderson
All family pages are in the Fermanagh Friends area.

The newest feature on the site to help you with your searches is the complete list of Surnames. All variations of surnames are included giving a total of over 3,000 unique spellings of surnames. These can be viewed by any visitor to the site HERE and may well be your first place to check before trying to search the records as a Fermanagh Friend.

Michele Dale, who contributed transcriptions of some areas in the Griffiths Valuation, submitted a second batch some months ago. These additional entries have now been incorporated into the database. (Friends area)

We have some more snippets of information in the Fermanagh Friends area contributed by Ellie and a few more oddities from the Enniskillen Chronicle/Erne Packet from Janet C-S. (Friends area)

Some more books have been added to the list, particularly on the subject of Methodism in Fermanagh. See HERE

Bill Armstrong has added spouses to some Armstrong names on the Colonel W Armstrong page (Friends area)

Are you having problems using the Search facilities on the site? A Fermanagh Friend asked me to explain how to run through the searches and when he had tried out the instructions, suggested I should post the information on the site to help other visitors.  This new page Search Help is included in the Fermanagh Friends area.

The searchable records are free to view but you do need to be a Fermanagh Friend. This means subscribing to the Fermanagh Gold Mail List, full details of which can be found HERE Once you have subscribed you will be able to access the Genealogy Contents page with details of searchable records on the site.


Sunday 12 November 2000
Cemetery inscriptions for Carne Cemetery, Pettigo in Fermanagh's neighbouring county Donegal, have now been included in the site.

If you are new visitor to the site, please read this paragraph


Thursday 9 November 2000
Last minute addition to aid your searching the 1821 Census.  The full list of 950 unique surnames (including spelling variations) are included).


Tuesday 7 November 2000
At last I have published the 1821 Fermanagh Census fragments for Aghalurcher and Derryvolin. A very special thankyou to Vynette Sage for transcribing these 9,200 records and for her patience in waiting to see the result finally published on the site. This huge number of additional records bring the total so far to over 26,000 on this website.

If you are a new visitor to the site you may be interested in how this site obtains it's information.  The information is submitted to me by family researchers, (such as you), with the intention that the records are free to view and share with other interested researchers. If you have some family records, or in fact anything about Fermanagh that you would like to see included on the site, please email the website owner Jan

The records are fully searchable but you do need to be a Fermanagh Friend to access most records on the site. This means only an e-mail registration, full details of which can be found HERE Once you have completed the email registration you will be able to access a further Contents page with details of searchable records on the site.


Saturday 4 November 2000
After a long summer break, work has resumed in adding even more records to the site.  Over 700 KEYS records have been submitted by Alan Keys. 

Household details for 1881 Census strays have now been linked into the records for those records where a lookup has been requested. Details will only be added in this way after a lookup has been requested and answered.


Tueday 10 October 2000
The site has now been moved to it's new hosting company and hopefully will be free from problems.

While publishing the site to it's new home, I took the opportunity of fixing dead links and general tidying up of some pages.


Sunday 8 October 2000
Apologies to all those visitors who have experienced difficulites in using the various search pages on this site in the last couple of months.   The site is due to be moved to a different hosting company in the next week. This may mean further disruption (for example, the site may disappear altogether for a couple of days!).

Until the site is moved, the Quick Search pages have been removed.

I will post update information to the Fermanagh Mail List as soon as the new arrangements are in place.


Tuesday 18 July 2000
After four months of work on the site, I am taking a break for the summer. Contributions sent to me which have not yet been published on the site are being well cared for and will appear sometime after September.

The latest information for you is about the September Cassidy Clan 10th Annual Gathering

Enjoy your summer, or for those "down below" enjoy your winter season!


Saturday 1 July 2000

Did you notice the Doras badge on the home page? Fermanagh Gold received a 4 Shamrock Review rating

New material available to all:
More resources for the researcher: Some information about Genealogy Publishing Co. of Baltimore publications provided by W.J. Flanagan have been added to the Book List.

New material for Fermanagh Friends:
If you are not yet a Fermanagh Friend, read more HERE
- New Sibling Search has been constructed to find siblings in families throughout the whole database. 
- the 1823 Church Census at Aghadrumsee submitted by Brian MacDonald of the Clogher Historical Society.
- Enniskillen Parish Record extracts covering 1667 - 1794 contributed by Mary Murray.
Two Armstrong families are featured: 
Colonel Wm. Armstrong and John Armstrong 1738


Saturday 24 June 2000
Another delightful song sent by Rich Tinneny. The absorbing tale of Father Clark and his hasty departure from Newtownbutler.


Thursday 22 June 2000 ADDENDUM
The incorrect source was given for the names connected with the assasination attempt on the life of Folliott Warren Barton. Further details given in the 'Tenants of Clonelly Estate 1845' in the Fermanagh Friends, Genealogy area of the site.  


Tuesday 20 June 2000
Since the last update, I have concentrated in tidying up the site a bit and building better navigation through all the material. New material this week:

  • a Site Contents list
  • Photo Gallery with some photos from my grandfather's (Henry George Hart of Clonelly House, Kesh) family album.
  • Notable Houses in Fermanagh
  • The new Fermanagh links page dedicated to giving links that are specific to Fermanagh. This page is in the early stages but you are invited to send links you would like to see included.

John Cunningham's project, Belleek Schools Reunion has it's own website with a lot of material about this forthcoming event. Read more HERE

Fermanagh Millennium Presents, published between January and March 2000, is available HERE.

The Fermanagh Forum continues to grow with over 60 messages to date. Why not take a look and post your enquiry? Read more about the Forum HERE

Thanks to Friends who have confirmed their email address on the Join Fermanagh Friends page.  The Fermanagh Friends area now has it's own Contents list too.  Friends returning to the site will notice the improved Search facilities with the Select-a-Search link giving you access to all 14 search facilities from one drop down menu. 

New material in the Fermanagh Friends area includes the 1876 Landowners listings posted  by Jean Rice to the Genconnect Message Board. Many thanks to Jean for giving permission to include this valuable information. Another search facility has been added, at the suggestion of one of our Friends.  Search a place name to see what families are shown in that area.  This search is called Family Search by Place and is accessible from the Fermanagh Friends Contents page. Another new page, which will grow over time, is the Fermanagh Oddities page - small miscellaneous items which don't fit anywhere else!

New Friends are welcome all the time. All you are required to do is register by entering your name and email address.  Read more on the join up page  HERE. Once you are a member you can freely access all the records (currently standing at over 16,000) on the site.  All the information on the site has been contributed by members of the Fermanagh mailing list and supporters of the site.


Friday 9 June 2000
Galoon Cemetery inscriptions are now included. The information supplied by John Cunningham appears in the 1980 Clogher Record.  Follow the links in the Deaths & Burial section in the Fermanagh Friends area.


Saturday 3 June 2000
The site has undergone some changes this week.  Returning visitors may wonder where they log in to access new records.  The answer is you don't!  The log in process has been removed so searching the records is even easier.  New visitors are still asked to lodge their name and email address with the option to receive email updates as before and returning Friends are asked to complete the email form just once to confirm their details. Start with the Genealogy section HERE

Some months ago I decided to trawl through the 1881 Census to see how many Fermanagh strays I could find.  Surprisingly over 1500 individuals were found, about half in Scotland.  The records include basic information about individuals. However, there is a lookup request form where you can request a lookup of all the information about an individual, other members of the household and occupations. 

Contributions to the site continue to arrive and I am gradually working through the queue.  The next batch of records will be Galoon cemetery inscriptions submitted by John Cunningham which were published in the Clogher Record.  

One way or another, the Clogher Record is often referenced on this site. You may like to visit the Clogher Historical Society, New Millennium Project, website HERE to find out more about the Society and membership. 


Sunday 28 May 2000
To complement the Place Finder search (see below) William Flanagan's records of Places of Interest is now included on the site. The Places may include a church, chapel, abbey, holy well, cross, meeting house or just ruins. Type in the name of a place to see what is listed. 

'Ancient Irish Dwellings' an article from 1880 about Boho in ancient times.

Michele Dale has contributed some information about landowners in Fermanagh.  These new records have been added to the existing Valuation records. Searching by name will show the type of record matching the surname i.e. either Valuation or Landowner.


Saturday 20 May 2000
A wide assortment of information published this week.

A very useful resource will be the Place Finder search.  A database of over 3,000 place names in Fermanagh compiled by William J. Flanagan showing Parish, Barony, Source and map reference. This search facility is open to all visitors, you do not need to log in to Fermanagh Friends.

Read (and listen) to the traditional song the Enniskillen Dragoons HERE

Booklist, a new page in the Resources section, with a growing list of books, periodicals to aid the researcher. If you have your own favourite resource, send details to Jan

This is a reminder about the Belleek School Reunion Project organised by John Cunningham.  You can read more details about this on the Fermanagh Forum then click on the link to Belleek.


Friday 12 May 2000
James Irvine has given permission for his publication "The D'Arcy lrvines of Necarne Castle / Castle Fartagh / Castle Irvine, and the Irvines of Rockfield / Killadeas Manor House Co. Fermanagh".  


Wednesday 10 May 2000
Started publishing help pages on how to find information in Fermanagh, starting with a number of informative pages from Jane Lyons in Research Help and William J Flanagan's LDS information in the Resources section. These pages are accessible for any visitor to view.  More information in this section to follow.


Saturday 6 May 2000
Over 2,000 more records added today.  Mainly Armstrong births, baptisms, deaths and burials but the records also show detail about other family members and spouses.  

A new search option has been added to the site.  With so many spouses appearing on graveyard inscriptions, it seemed appropriate to allow a search for an individual to see if there is a matching spouse record. The results displayed will indicate whether the information is taken from a marriage, death or burial record.  The Spouse Search is linked from the main Marriage Search page in the Fermanagh Friends area.


Saturday 29 April 2000
Fermanagh Forum is back with a whole new look with more features to help you post and read messages to aid your research. Read about the new Forum HERE


Sunday 23 April 2000
Some more Tenant Records for Clonelly Estate published today. 96 tenants names have been recorded on a Poster advertising a Reward for information about the assassination attempt on landlord, Folliott Warren Barton in 1845. See the Miscellaneous Records linked from Fermanagh Friends area.


Friday 20 April 2000
I have started publishing some Armstrong records.  Today 1300 marriage records have been added to the site. Each partner in the marriage has their own record in the database so each name can be searched.  There are about 660 Armstrong names to get you started. 



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