Fermanagh Gold Introduction

If you are a new visitor to the site you can join Fermanagh Friends. This is a once only "sign up" and will enable you to search the large number of records in the databae. To join Fermanagh Friends, you need to subscribe to the Fermanagh-Gold Mail List

The registration process involves you subscribing to the Fermanagh-Gold mailing list in order to receive information about how to search the records. 

Click this link Subscribe Me to Fermanagh-Gold and your email program will open with all the details completed for you. All you need to do is click Send. [If you are familiar with mailing lists you can read more information here about subscribing in List or Digest Mode]

By return you will receive a Welcome e-mail thanking you for joining Fermanagh Friends with a link to the start page of the database records held on this site.  Keep this mail for future reference.  Remember to bookmark the database entry page.

As a subscriber to the Fermanagh-Gold mail list you will receive all emails posted to the list by subscribers.  You are invited to send discussion items and queries to the list. Updates to the site will be publicised to the list first.

There is a special page devoted to helping list subscribers deal with common questions and problems or dealing with virus warnings etc HERE

The archives for the mail list can be viewed HERE.  Catch up on what you have missed if you have only just subscribed to the list.

You will be able to unsubscribe from the list at any time; this will not affect your access to the database after you have unsubscribed. Details of how to unsubscribe will be in the Welcome email you receive when you subscribe.

Subscribers to the Fermanagh-Gold mailing list are covered by the Rootsweb Privacy Statement which you are encouraged to read. As list administrator I too will have access to subscribers' email addresses, none of which will be passed on to anyone else without permission of the subscriber.


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