Fermanagh Gold Introduction

There are always enquiries about places in Fermanagh and what are the best maps to find places with unfamiliar names.

If you are interested in purchasing maps, these are the references you need:

Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (1:50,000 scale):
ISBN 1-873819-30-7    Sheet 17    Lower Lough Erne
ISBN 1-873819-15-3    Sheet 18    Enniskillen
ISBN 1-873819-18-8    Sheet 26    Lough Allen
ISBN 1-873819-19-6    Sheet 27    Upper Lough Erne

This section is devoted to providing maps with as much detail as possible about different aspects of the county.

Expedia County Location Map

Ireland History Maps

Pettigo Area map

Clones 1901

Fermanagh Focus map of featured towns and villages

If you have any scans of maps from old books (out of copyright) then please forward them if you would like to add them to this collection. Permission to publish must be obtained if maps are still in copyright.


Visit the Fermanagh Focus section for village information