Fermanagh Gold Introduction

In late September 2001 I took a coach from Dublin to Enniskillen - having left Australia on 1st September, with The Society of Australian Genealogists, and going around Ireland in a coach visiting Family History Societies and going into grave yards and historical places.

We held 3 minutes silence for the unfortunate people killed in America in a church in Castle Connel where there is a memorial to Governor Burke - he retired from Australia going back home and dying there. On this part of my journey I stayed at the loveliest setting for a hotel at Lake Erne hotel Kilkeevan.

I had made arangements on the internet to stay at a B/B run by Mr and Mrs McCord just out of Enniskillen. I have never been treated more generously than during my stay with them. They drove me everywhere and nothing seemed a trouble. If this is Ulster hospitality give it to me anytime even took me to a Lace museum and I am still talking about what I saw there.

I met up with John Cunningham who took me to so many places that were connected to my family. We went to churches, cemeteries, old castles and homes, to Portora school and poor houses; saw famine graves and the most beautiful scenery lakes, hills woods farms. What a beautiful country I was driven to Belfast by Mrs McCords sister and even put on a coach to Carrickfergus to attend the North of Ireland Conference, again another part of my experience with Ulster hospitality.

This was my third visit to Ireland and only hope I can go again. I have started saving.

Nita in Australia

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