Fermanagh Gold Introduction

Associated Families: COLE

A large and impressive fortress at one side of the island in the River Erne on which the town Enniskillen is built; with walls enclosing a ward or courtyard, an inner keep and a tall and frowning water gate with two conical-roofed bartizans.

Until C18 the castle stood on a small island of its own, separated from the rest of the island by a ditch of water crossed by a draw-bridge. The castle was originally built C15, by the Maguires; it was granted 1607 to Captain William (afterwards Sir William) Cole, who rebuilt the keep as a house for himself, and renovated all the fortifications; the water gate probably dates from his time.

The Coles continued to live on and off at the castle until 1739; afterwards, they established themselves permanently at Florence Court. The castle then became barracks and the keep was rebuilt once again. the buildings remain in good repair.




Source: Burke's Guide to Country Houses: Volume I Ireland pp. 121