Fermanagh Gold Introduction

The following extract is taken from the article "Two Gaelic Manuscripts from Fermanagh in 1798" which appears in the publication:
Fermanagh and 1798, published by Tempo Historical Society, Lecture Series p. 66.  Edited by
Séamas Mac Annaidh. 

In 1798 there were winners and losers. Galbraith Lowry Corry of Florence Court who studied the art of war at Stuttgart university and received his first war-wound at the hands of the croppies of Vinegar Hill in County Wexford was one of the winners and today stands high above Enniskillen, the figure on Cole's Monument. For the next fifty years and more death notices in the local papers recorded the names of many of those who served in the armed forces and the parts they played -

'Death of the oldest veteran in Fermanagh. On Good Friday March 29 at Pubble near Tempo, Mr. John West, senior, in the 102nd year of his age. During the Rebellion in 1798 he served under the Marquis of Cornwallis when the French landed at Killala' (Impartial Reporter 18 April 1861).

'Death at Drumond on Sunday 1st inst., Mr. Charles Williams, aged 94 years. He retained his mental faculties until his death and was able to walk the fields the day previous. He was the last of the old Lisbellaw corps of Yeomen, and was present at the Battle of Ballinamuck in the year '98 when the French landed in Ireland.' (Impartial Reporter 5 November 1863).

But what of those Fermanagh people who were on the losing side? When William Henry Hamilton, son of Johnston Hamilton, an Enniskillen solicitor, died in 1825, a colonel in the army of Colombia in South America no mention was made in his death notice in the Enniskillen Chronicle and Erne Packet (20 April 1826) of the leading roles he had played in the events not only of 1798 but of Emmet's Rising of 1803 as well. So much history remains hidden and we must train our eyes to be ready to catch the flickering glimpses that occasionally dart forth as we turn the pages.


"Fermanagh in 1798" available from
Tempo Historical Society
Dooneen Community Education Centre
County Fermanagh 

Extract from article by Séamas Mac Annaidh