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Tempo : Add Your Own Information
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Jan jan@fermanagh.org.uk on 2/11/2002 7:36:20 PM

Tempo : giant's graves
From: 'A Guide to the Archeological Sites of the British Isles' by Courtlandt Canby. Facts on File. New York. Oxford c1988. Ballyreagh, Fermanagh, Ireland Double court tomb in the remains of a very long cairn over 330 years in length, 1.75 mi (2.6 km) NW of the village of Tempo and about 5 mi (.75 km SW of Lough Mulshane. There are forecourts at each end leading into galleries with two chambers each. The entrance on the W is unusually fine with a curious sill stone; that to the E is made of larger stones (up to 6 ft high) the western part of the tomb was reused for urn burials in the Late Bronze or Early Iron Ages. Fermanagh Gold members may be interested in the above, giving evidence of the antiquity of Ireland.   
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margaret marszal mmarszal@alphalink.com.au on 2/16/2002 1:16:41 AM

Tempo : Emmerson
Looking for Emmerson in what was formerly Ballydoolagh, near Tempo   
The above information has been contributed by:
Bob Emerson bob.emerson@beyond2020.com on 3/4/2002 6:13:02 PM

Tempo : Vance and Noble search
Looking for anyone with connections to John and Elizabeth Vance & Thomas and Sarah Noble Vance. John & Elizabeth had a daughter Sarah born June 3, 1850 in Tempo. She came to America when she was 18 and settled in IL thru 1872. She married Thomas Law and moved to Fort Dodge, IA. Sarah had a cousin???? Martha Mae Vance who was born May 9, 1858 in Killeter. Martha came to visit cousin Sarah in IL and fell in love with Thomas Law's oldest son (by first marriage to Elizebeth Pulley) James Andrew Law and were married in IL. If anyone has any info on the Vance's, Noble's or Law's, please contact me. Thanks!   
The above information has been contributed by:
Chris Gerdes cgerdes@mchsi.com on 6/4/2002 12:43:21 AM


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