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Enniskillen : Add Your Own Information
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Jan jan@fermanagh.org.uk on 09/11/2001 19:36:20

Enniskillen : Newtate
My ggrandfather James McAuley on his marriage certificate lists his place of residence as Newtate.His father Bryan McAuley also lists Newtate. Can any one supply info on this town and what maps can I purchase that would show Newtate.   
The above information has been contributed by:
Edward Pettee EdPettee@aol.com on 09/02/2002 21:22:50

Enniskillen : Glassmullagh
On a letter my grandmother got dated 29-Apr-1926,her sister "Lizzie Sheridan" lived at Glassmullagh,Thompsons Bridge,Enniskillen,Fermanagh. I have a map showing Enniskillen in Ireland,but where do I get a map that will show me Glassmullagh or Thompsona Bridge ?   
The above information has been contributed by:
Jean Gourley-Churchill jgchurchill@earthlink.net on 15/02/2002 01:49:35

Enniskillen : McMullen-Johnson-Tubman
George McMullen (b. 1812), the son of Walter, married Margaret Tubman (b. 1827), the daughter of Richard, in 1846. Also in 1846 Rebecca McMullen, daughter of Richard, married Robert Johnson, the son of Alexander. All lived near Enniskillen. In 1851 or so George and Margaret immigrated to Canada. Any information about the family while in Ireland would very much be apppreciated !!   
The above information has been contributed by:
Sue Alderman Sueald@AOL.com on 14/03/2002 18:54:56


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