Fermanagh Gold Introduction
Lowe's Directory 1880

A village in the Parish of Enniskillen and Barony of Tyrkennedy, stands on the Tempo rivulet, adjacent to the beautiful demesne and handsome mansion house of the late Sir W. W. E. Tennent, Bart. It is 6 miles from Enniskillen.

The village is clean and comfortable. There are good monthly Fairs held on the 28th of each month. Has a Church, a Chapel, a Presbyterian Meeting House, a Dispensary, a Post Office, a couple of Good Inns, and a Constabulary Barrack.

There are several good shops and on the whole, there are few villages for miles around it where the people seem to possess and enjoy prosperity more than they do in Tempo.

Church of Ireland: Rev. Mr Morrow, Incumbent.
Roman Catholic: Rev. Mr Loughran, P.P.; Rev. Mr Trainor, C.C.
Presbyterian: Rev. D. Clements.

Dispensary Doctor: Dr Adam Clarke, Esq.


Rebecca Armstrong, draper and milliner.
James Beatty, hotel, grocer & wine merchant, leather, etc.
Thomas Beatty (P.L.G.) grocer, seed merchant, and postmaster.
Ellen Bogue, draper, china and glass warehouse, etc.
Michael Brennan, wine and spirit merchant, baker and flour stores.
Joseph Britton, blacksmith.
Patrick Brady, nailor.
Andrew Beatty, boot and shoemaker.
James Cooper & Co., grocer and merchant.
James Crawford, grocer.
Thomas Connolly, boot & shoemaker.
James Donnelly, publican.
John Doran, grocer.
William Elliott, corn and saw mills, merchant and agent for Lisbellaw Gazette.
Patrick Grey, tailor.
Mary Gibson, draper.
Hunter & Co., butter & egg merchants.
Ellen Little, grocer & delph merchant.
James Mills, grocer and baker.
George A. Miller, publican.
Mary Maguire, publican.
Thomas Maguire, publican.
Lititia Maguire, grocer.
Andrew Maguire (P.L.G.) agent for shipping companies.
John Murphy, tailor.
Patrick M'Manus, grocer, flour and meal stores.
Francis M'Meniman, publican.
J. M'Swiggan, butter & egg merchant.
James M'Reigney, coachbuilder.
Arthur M'Reigney, blacksmith.
John M'Caffrey, cooper.
Thomas M'Dermott, cooper & grocer.
Patrick M'Callan, carpenter.
Patrick M'Cabe, boot & shoemaker.
Owen M'Cann, boot & shoemaker.
Edwad Owens, butcher.
James Shannon, tailor.
Thomas J. Watson, grocer, hardware and general merchant.
Robert Watson, druggist.
William Warnock, publican.