Fermanagh Gold Introduction
Lowe's Directory 1880

The most northerly village in the county, is situated on the road from Ballyshannon to Omagh, being about 11 miles from the latter town, it is 6 miles north of Irvinestown, 5 miles from Kesh, and lies in a valley among heath covered hills.  Close to it is the summit level between the sea at Londonderry and Ballyshannon.  The hills in the neighbourhood abound in game.  

It contains 28 houses with a population of 130.  A Petty Sessions Court is held here, and there is a Constabulary Barrack, Post Office, National Schoolhouse, a Scotch Mill, and 3 Public Houses, A Loan Fund Bank, open every fourth Friday in the month, from 11 a.m. till 3 p.m., Thomas Belton, Esq., Actuary.  There is also a Dispensary, open every Thursday from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. attended by Dr. J. B. Graham, Drumrush House.  Good Water is supplied in Fountains, brought by pipes from a spring in the adjacent hill of Largy.  

The road from here to Ederney is one of the finest in the county, and evidence of an improving Landlord is everywhere to be seen in the neighbourhood.  Within the past year several comfortable houses have been built by Colonel Irvine, and they are all occupied.  There is only one Resident Clergyman in the District, Rev. E. M. Weir, Incumbent, C. I.


Mr Thomas Miller, Publican and Draper
Mr Porter, Shoemaker 
Mr Terence M'Mulkin, Smith
Mr Virtue, Postmaster
Mr Wm. Johnston, Publican
Mr Irvine Armstrong, Publican
Mr Patrick Cory, Grocer
Mr Francis M'Intyre; Grocer
Mrs Sunter, Grocer
Mr Patrick Maguire, Grocer