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Lowe's Directory 1880

Kesh is on the line of Railway from Enniskillen to Bundoran. The population is 296. There is a Fair held on the 4th of each month and a Corn Market every Friday. There is a Post Office and Money Order and Telegraph Office; a Petty Sessions Court and a Police Barrack.

Kesh is 4 miles from Pettigo, 4 miles from Irvinestown, 2 from Ederney, and within a quarter of a mile of the lake shore.

The landlords of the place are - William Archdale, Esq., M.P. and the Governers of Vaughan's Charity.

A Mail car runs daily through Kesh, from Omagh to Bundoran.

There are no places of worship in Kesh.


Hotel: William Aiken
Draper: John Aiken
Innkeepers: Mrs Campbell, Mrs Adam Eaves, Tom Muldoon
Grocers: Richard Elliott, Mrs Gilmore, Royal Humphrys
Baker: Bernard Kelly
Smiths: Alexander Coulter, Henry Irwin
Carpeter: William M'Clintock
Postmaster: James Aiken