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Lowe's Directory 1880

This town, with a population of about 800, is situate on the Bundoran branch of the Great Northern Railway, has made rapid advances in late years, and bids fairly to become one of the best market towns in Fermanagh. Through the indefatigable exertions of Major Francis D'Arcy of Castle Irvine, markets for pork, flax, potatoes, butter, eggs, fowl, corn and other produce, have been so firmly established and so well governed that they are increasing every season. 

The Main street of the town is unequalled in many of the large, and in all of the small towns in Ulster, having a width of forty yards at its widest part. The side paths are flagged, and nearly ten feet wide, and forms a happy contrast to the generality of sidepaths in much larger places. A branch of the Northern Bank is for years established in this town, and is in a most flourishing state for a branch. The markets are held every Wednesday, and the fairs on the 8th of the month.

Castle Irvine, the seat of the D'Arcy Irvine family for several centuries, is within three-quarters of a mile of the town, and pleasantly situated in a prettily wooded portion of the demesne. It is a very handsome structure of modern times, internally decorated with all that art, wealth and taste could supply. The lands surrounding are exceedingly fertile, and the wealth is chiefly derived from agriculture. 

The town Church of Irvinestown, capable of seating 600 persons, is an exceedingly pretty building. There are besides three other places of worship in the town - the Presbyterian Church, nearly opposite the Railway Station (erected 1832), and two Methodist Preaching houses. There are two Roman Catholic Chapels outside the town, one, the parish Chapel - at Whitehill, the other at Coolaness, or "Lisaroo", as it is more generally called. There is also a Reading Room in Mill Street, to which is attached a Refreshment Room. 

The National Schools in the town are two - one under Protestant patronage, the other under Roman Catholic - and both are well attended. 

Waterworks have been erected at a cost of between £700 and £800. The water comes from the townland of Moneykee, and was pronounced by Doctor Cameron on his analysis, as being remarkably free from all deleterious ingredients. 

The Union Workhouse affords accommodation for upwards of 500 inmates, it lies beyond the town from the Railway Station, healthfully situated on a rising ground almost fronting the Grand Gate to the Castle Irvine Demesne.


There are 102 records included in the Fermanagh database of which 76 are unique names:

Abercrombie, Allen, Anderson, Armstrong, Beacom, Bohency, Bray, Brown, Campbell, Cassidy, Clarke, Cochrane, Cowan, Curley, Daly, Delaney, Doherty, Doorish, Douglas, Dudgeon, Fenton, French, Gallagher, Gardiner, Gavigan, Gilmore, Goane, Gormley, Graham, Gray, Hazely, Hunter, Hutchinson, Irvine, Johnston, Jolly, Kelly, Kerr, Keys, Leonard, Maguire, Malcolmson, Maxwell, M'Canny, M'Clelland, M'Coy, M'Crory, M'Culgan, M'Donnell, M'Grath, M'Guigan, M'Hugh, M'Kee, M'Kenna, M'Keone, M'Loughlin, M'Morris, Morris, Murphy, O'Brien, O'Flannagan, O'Gorman, O'Reilly, Power, Rankin, Rinchey, Robinson, Scott, Shackleton, Simpson, Sproule, Tumath, Valentine, Vance, Verschoyle, Young

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