Fermanagh Gold Introduction
Lowe's Directory 1880

Belleek is a most prosperous and thriving little town in the parish of the same name, and in the Barony of Lurg. The Erne river, after escaping from Lough Erne, rolls swiftly 2½ miles to Belleek, and passing the prosperous and extensive porcelain works of Messrs D. M'Birney & Co., and there giving the aid of its powerful force in working their ponderous machinery, forms a noble cataract, equivalent in average mechanical power to 15,000 horses. 

The Railway from Bundoran to Enniskillen passes it. There are extensive lime and brick works in the neighbourhoood, at Casltecaldwell. There is now a line of Railway from Castlecaldwell to Donegal contemplated which, if completed, will greatly improve the trade, and develope the resources of Donegal and Fermanagh.

The town is much resorted to in summer by tourists and anglers, as there is most excellent sport on the river, and the site of the town most picturesque and healthy, partily, it is presumed, on consequence of its proximity to Bundoran, the fashionable watering place, which is about five miles off. There is a Police Station, a Petty Sessions Court, and a Market House, and two excellent Hotels, one kept by a Mr Johnston, and the other by Mr M'Hugh.

There are several grocery establisments and other shops, and the Pottery of Messrs M'Birney and Armstrong conduces largely to the prosperity of the town, in employing some hundreds of hands, the beauty and excellence of whose china and other wares is now known over the whole world to millions of people who do not know where Belleek is. Recently, Mr M'Birney has purchased the townlands containing Belleek and its surroundings, and considerable improvements have been made in the character of the residences, and dwelling houses for workmen.

There are two Eel Weirs close to the town, and several ton weight of these fish have often been caught in less than an hour at night. Cliff, the delightfully detached residence of the Conolly family, is close to the town.


Mr Gallagher, licensed grocer
W. Knox, postmaster, telegraph office and general dealer
J Moohan, baker and publican
Miss Young, draper and milliner
E Greyson, publican
D Johnston, hotel keeper
A M'Hugh, hotel keeper and publican
J Meehan, general dealer - butter, eggs and pork
Mr Walmsley, butcher
Mrs Kelly, fishing tackle dealer
Mr Martin, baker
Mr Quin, butcher
Mrs Donaldson, general dealer
W Garvan, publican
Mr Dolan, shoemaker
Mr M'Brien, shoemaker
W Irwin, Esq., dispensary surgeon, registrar, and sanitary referee
J Armstrong, process-server
Mrs Dolan, dressmaker
Mr M'Nulty, tailor
Whitley Brothers, general dealers