Fermanagh Gold Introduction

In the Belfast and Ulster Directory of 1900 the entry for the villages of Belleek and Garrison is as follows. 


In the County of Fermanagh, on the border of County Donegal, and within three miles of Ballyshannon is an improving little town, which has obtained a far-famed reputation on account of the lovely Parian and other ware manufactured there at the only Porcelain Factory in Ireland. 

It has also attracted considerable attention, being the only place where that wonderful piece of mechanism the sluice gates have been erected, designed by Mr F. Stoney, C.E., for the Lough Erne Drainage and Navigation Board for the purpose of regulating the waters of Upper and Lower Lakes Erne. The River Erne, from the Lower Lake to Belleek, a distance of three miles, has had it's bed deepened and all the fords taken away, so that steamers can run through to Belleek all the year round, summer as well as winter. Direct water communication has thus been opened up to Belfast from Belleek. 

Mr J. G. V. Porter, Bellisle, Lisbellaw, has placed a steamer for tourists on Lough Erne, also a new steamboat company has been formed which has put a steamer - The Lady of the Lake - which runs between Enniskillen and Castlecaldwell, in connection with which a quick train runs from Enniskillen to Bundoran, taking up the tourists at Castlecaldwell. 

There is a hotel built by Mr D. Johnston to meet the largely increasing number of anglers and tourists. The River Erne flows majestically past the hotel [the popular resort of anglers] ; there is splendid salmon and trout fishing available. There is a good view of the Erne and the Sluice Gates from the hotel. The fishery is owned by Mr R. L. Moore of Derry, who has taken the Donegal Residence of the late Thomas Connolly, M. P., which he occupies during the summer months; it is a mile from Belleek. 

There is a Church of Ireland Chapel of Ease at Belleek, the Parish Church being four miles distant. There is a neat Methodist Church occupying a central position in the village, a very fine Roman Catholic Chapel, recently erected through the efforts of the parish priest, Rev. John Cannon Mc Kenna of Pettigo. There is a monthly fair established, which is a decided success, and is held on the 17th of each month - June Fair on 19th. 

The Enniskillen and Bundoran Railway runs through the village; there are three trains daily each way. There is now erected and in full working order a butter factory, called the Belleek Co-Operative and Agricultural Society Limited, which promises to be a great boon to the farmers for miles around the village, in Counties Donegal and Fermanagh. There are some auxiliaries in course of erection in connection with it, and it is fully expected that with the aid of these a very successful business will be carried on. The most modern machinery is used, and the pasturising plant leaves nothing to be desired, so far as turning out an article sure to command a ready sale and large demand. As may be learned from the name of the society it is entirely a farmers' enterprise. C. J. Tredennick, J. P., Fortwilliam, is the President, who is ably assisted by a popular and energetic committee. 

Church of Ireland
Rev. J. O'Connor, B.A., The Rectory, Magheramena 

Methodist Church
Rev. A. E. Glanville, Pettigo, and Rev. T. J. Edwards, Pettigo. 

Roman Catholic Chapel 
Rev. John Canon McKenna, Pettigo, and Rev. J. O'Connor C. C. Belleek. 

Post Office
Mails arrive at 7.30 a.m. and 2.50 p.m. and are dispatched at 11.32a.m. and 5.15 p.m.; Edward Knox, postmaster. 


Adair, John, Callaheen 
Aiken, James, secretary, Belleek pottery 
Armstrong, Christopher, Farrancassidy 
Beacom, John, merchant 
Blain, A, Carrenbeg House 
Barron, James, Derryhillew 
Boyle, James, Derryhillew 
Boyle, John, Ednagor 
Boyle, T., Ednagor 
Branley, Michael, Commons 
Brock, William, Killymore 
Bruen, Thomas, Cliff, fishery inspector 
Burns, Daniel, Belleek 
Carey, Denis, Corlea 
Clarke, George, Corlea 
Cleary, Edward, Pottery 
Cleary, James, spirit store 
Cleary, John, Corlea 
Cleary, John, Clyhore 
Cleary, Patrick, Moniendouge 
Cleary, Patrick, Pottery 
Conolly, George, Magheramorne 
Daly, Denis, Ednagor 
Daly, Edward, merchant 
Dermott, Terence, Poor-rate collector, Brallagh 
Dolan, Francis, Commons 
Dolan, John, boot and shoemaker 
Dolan, Mary, Commons 
Dolan, Patrick, boot and shoemaker 
Dolan, William, Bonahill 
Donagher, P., Corlea 
Donagher, James, Corlea 
Donagher, Peter, Derryhillew 
Donaldson, Alex., Erne View, Belleek 
Donaldson, Mrs H., draper, Clyhore 
Donaldson, Robert, merchant 
Duffy, Charles, Finner 
Duffy, Denis, Callagheen 
Duffy, James, Largan 
Duffy, John, Ballanadoughy 
Duffy, P., National School Teacher, Carrowkeel 
Duncan, James, Monienderge 
Dundas, Edward, Drumgron 
Dundas, Henry, Roscor, Belleek 
Dundas, Noah, Bolustin 
Dundas, Robert, Roscor House 
Dundas, Robert, Carrenbeg 
English and Scottish Law Life and Phoenix Fire Office - Agent, Edward Knox, C. P. S. 
Earls, Edward, Slavin, Belleek 
Earls, James, Slavin 
Earls, John, Gortnalee 
Earls, Thos. , Craigola 
Elliot, David, spirit merchant 
Elliott, James, Gortnalee 
Elliott, John, Carranbeg 
Farnan, Rev., T., P.P., Melvin View, Garrison 
Fawcett, F., J.P., Rowantreehill, Belleek 
Flanagan, F, Sonanure 
Gallagher, Denis, Commons 
Gallagher, James, Commons 
Gallagher, James, Clyhore 
Gallagher, James, Moniendogue 
Gallagher, Thomas, Keenaghan 
Ga;llagher, William, spirit merchant 
Gallagher, Patrick, Commons 
Gallagher, Rev. J., C.C., Garrison 
Gavigan, James, Moniendogue 
Gonnigle, James (Bawn), Corlea 
Gonnigle, James, pensioner, Corlea 
Gonnigle, John (Oge), Corlea 
Gonnigle, Patrick (Road), Corlea 
Gonnigle, James, Corlea 
Gonnigle, Patrick (Gettins), Corlea 
Gonnigle, Terence 
Gonnigle, William, Cliff 
Graham, John, Drumgrow 
Greyson, Phil, Finner 
O'Keefe, Rev. P. Rectory, Garrison 
O'Reilly, James, Corn Lodge, Belleek 
Hart, John, butter and egg merchant, Belleek 
Higgins, James, Clyhore 
Johnston, Christopher, Aughanaldoney 
Johnston, David, J. P. , hotel proprietor 
Johnston, Edward, Tierenagher 
Johnston, James, Magheramena 
Johnston, Porteous, Laughel 
Johnston, R. J. Tassagh 
Johnston, Simeon, Bolusty 
Johnston,Thos., Tierenagher 
Johnston, Wm., Aughanaldoney, butter and egg merchant 
Kelm, William, Commons 
Kelm, William, tailor, Belleek 
Keown, John, Cornahilta 
Keenan, Thomas, Brallagh 
Kerr, Edward, Drumbad House, Belleek 
Kilfedder, James, Commons 
Kilfedder, Daniel, Drumanillar 
Knox, John, Clyhore 
Knox, Richard, Clyhore 
Knox, Wm., Clyhore 
Lawrence, Robert, Clyhore 
Loughlin, John, Commons 
Magee, James, Bonahill 
Magee, Terence, Bonahill 
Magovern, Thomas, N.S. teacher, Belleek 
Maguire, Michael, Drumanillar 
Meehan, Patk. , Moniendonge 
Mills, John, egg merchant, Ardgart 
Monaghan, Denis, Carrenbeg 
Montgomery, Hugh, Drumanillar 
Montgomery, Patrick, kilnman, pottery 
Moohan, John, Jn., baker 
Moohan, John, sen., spirit merchant 
Moore, Robert L. J.P., Cliff 
Mortimer, Thomas, Commons 
Mullen, Henry, Corlea 
Mulhern, M. Finn Hills 
Mulhern, Patk., Keenaghan 
Mulhern, P., Bunahill 
Murray, Anne, spirit merchant 
Murray, Thomas, Commons 
McBrien, Charles, Callagheen 
McBrien, George, Callagheen, Belleek 
McBrien, James Ardees 
McBrien, John, Roscor 
McBrien, John, Lower Ardees 
McBrien, Thomas L., Ardees 
McBrien, Thomas, Carrenbeg 
McBrien, William, Drumgrow 
McCaffrey, Hugh, Blacksmith 
McCaffrey, James, Commons 
McCann, William, Bonahill 
McCann, P., stationmaster 
McCann, P., Fassagh 
McCann, Patrick, Corlea 
McCormick, Michael, Carrenbeg 
McCowley, Daniel, Commons 
McCowley, John, Corlea 
McCowley, F. Corlea 
McCowley, Patrick, Bonahill 
McCowley, Thomas, Commons 
McCowley, William, Commons 
McGarrigle John, Callagheen 
McGarrigle, Patk., Keenaghan 
McGinney, Francis, Clyhore 
McGree, John, Fossagh 
McGourty, Patk, Moniendogue 
McGowan, William, Drumgrow 
McHugh, Arthur, Commercial Hotel 
McLoughlin, Phil., Clyhore 
McManus, John, Moniendogue 
McNulty, Patk., Callagheen 
McSweeney, D.J., manager of the Belleek Creamery 
Ovens, Arthur, Gartnalee 
Ovens, John, Drumbadmeen, Roscor 
O'Connor, Rev. J., The Rectory, Magheramena 
O'Keefe, Rev. J.C., Rectory, Garrison 
O'Reilly, James, J.P. Corrakeel, Belleek 
O'Reilly, Wm., Corrakeel, Roscor 
Scott, A., Garrison 
Scott, Thomas, Garrison 
Slevin, Bridget, Clyhore 
Slevin, Francis, Corlea 
Slevin, James, Corlea 
Slevin, Luke, Corlea 
Smith, John, Derrahillew 
Somerville, Earls, Drumbadmeen, Roscor 
Stephens, Dr., William 
Teevan, John, John, Slavin, Belleek 
Timoney, James, J.P., Tierenagher 
Timoney, P. Garrison 
Tracey, P., N.S. teacher, Garrison 
Tracey, Thomas, Ardgart, Roscor 
Travers, Edward, Corlea 
Travers, Francis, Corlea 
Ward, James, Corlea 
Ward, John, Corrakeel 
Ward, William, Corlea 
Warren, Capt., Rockfield 
Whitten, John, Clyhore 
Young, J. M., N.S. teacher, Clyhore, Belleek