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William Gray/Grey baptised 31.8.1830 at St Mary's Ardess left Fermanagh [Shanmullagh] in 1841 he was son of John Gray and Mary Hetherington of Magheraculmoney she was christened at St Mary Ardess on 10 September 1780 daughter of Irvine Hetherington and Jane of Aughalage.

William brought his wife Margaret Ramsay born c1798 Derryvullan Fermanagh also his children John, Francis, Mary [married Wilson] William and Robert. William's brothers and sisters also came at this time.

Son John born 15 April 1821 married in Australia Mary Noble born c1816 Caringbag daughter of Andrew Noble and Jane McKnight.

Son of William brother of John William born 1829 Fermanagh married in Australia Mary Ann Irvine born 25 February 1834 daughter of James Irvine and Sarah McKnight born 1805.

James Irvine born 1803 Langfield Tyrone parents James Irvine and Jane Adams

Sarah McKnight and Jane McKnight were sisters daughters of William McKnight and Ann Armstrong John/Mary, and William/Mary Ann were my great grandparents.

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