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Name:  Marion Leavens from Canada
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I am researching my great-great grandfather's family [SIMPSON] who emigrated to New Brunswick from Irvinestown, Fermanagh Co. in Ireland around 1830.

He was the oldest in his family and he and at least one brother, Thomas, sailed at that time and I believe that his parents and possibly another brother and four sisters remained in Irvinestown.

He married a girl whom he met on the ship named Martha Kee. There doesn't appear to be a connection to the area for her and it is hard to say where she originated from. All I know about John Simpson's roots is that they were a very poor family.

He was married in 1831 so I am guessing that he was born between 1800 and 1811. In your files [Fermanagh Gold] you have listed a George, which is the name of his second son (the first was Thomas). You also have a William which is the name of his youngest son, my great-grandfather and also my father. Could this be coincidence or family names?

If anyone has any information about this family, I would love to hear from you.

Contact by email: leavens1@sympatico.ca
Date information added to site: 14 March 2002


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