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My Brick Walls - Luke Harcourt & Mary McCaffrey


  Luke Harcourt was born in Wexford or Wicklow in 1785. His father [nameless] was born in Fermanagh in 1753. I have two different sets of discharge papers from the two enlistments in the British Arms, which list the separate birthplaces. He died in Arthur, Ontario, Canada on 2/12/1871.

Mary McCaffrey was born in 1794 in Fermanagh and died in Arthur, Ontario, Canada on 2/01/1864.

They were married 1814 to 1816 in Fermanagh and had the following children,
  • Michael 1819 [Perth Scotland where Luke was serving],
  • John b 1823 Fermanagh,
  • James b 1825 Fermanagh,
  • William b 1827 Fermanagh,
  • Thomas b 1831 Fermanagh,
  • Catherine b 1835 in Adjala, Ontario, Canada,
  • Luke Arthur b 1837 in Ontario,
  • Mary Ann b 1832 in Fermanagh.

They emigrated to Canada in 1832 or 3 and obtained a land grant in Adjala, Ontario. Luke was a Chelsea pensioner and rode 4 times per year for his meagre cheque.

They were Catholics and are buried in an early pioneer's cemetery in Arthur. I have a photo of their grave stone. Also his discharge papers show that he was paid to travel to Lisnaskea from Enniskillen so I feel he Mary's family may have lived around there. I also have a record of Luke testifying at a trial at Mcquires Bridge in 1827.

Harcuria which says it is a history of the Harcourt's says that Luke Harcourt is a descendent of one of the three brothers who came to Ireland with William of Orange and stayed but which brother ins unclear.
Luke is identified in Canada as a soldier and a shoemaker. His eldest son Michael [my gg grandfather] became a lawyer and a member of the Canadian Parliament and two other sons became Lawyers and one a Doctor. Not bad for a shoemaker start.

I need help with Luke's parents and brothers and sisters and the same for Mary. Three is a rumour that one of his brothers immigrated to Australia at the same time he came to Canada. Luke and Mary are my ggg grandparents and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and have visited Ireland several times.

Your assistance would be appreciated

Contact by email: pwh@harcourt.ab.ca
Date information added to site: 8 March 2002


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