Fermanagh Gold Introduction

Some family histories submitted. This page is discontinued and no new submissions can be accepted.

Researcher   Interests
Janet Cassidy   Cassidy, McCaffrey, Flanagan, Love
Louise Gallagher Cavallaro   Mcguire, Gallagher
Nita Fraser   Gray, Grey, Ramsey etc
Allan Griffith   Beatty, Chambers
Peter Harcourt   Harcourt, McCaffrey
Karen Hitchcock   Guy
Bob Kearns   Kearns, Beggan
Marion Leavens   Kee, Simpson
Noel J Lindsay   Lindsay, Montgomery
Charles Maguire   Maguire, Keffe
Nina Rogers   Johnston, Irwin
Lucy Sherwood   Murray, Reilly, Donegan, Maguire
Becky Teubner   Robinson, Carrothers etc