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Name: Charles McGuire of Canada
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I'm seeking a Michael Maguire my great grandfather.

His son, John Maguire
Born : 1828 Knockninny County Fermanagh. John Maguire emigrated to Mitchell Ontario Canada ABT 1845.

Others who emigrated to Mitchell Ontario Canada were:
John S. Keffe
Born: 1810 - 1898 Grand Rapids Michigan USA.
Place: Knockninny County Fermanagh

Spouse: Bridget Ellen Looney
Place:Knockninny County Fermanagh
Died: 1891 Grand Rapids Michigan
Married: Knockninny County Fermanagh.

Rose Annie Keffe / O'Keefe The Daughter Of John S. Keffe and Bridget Looney married John Maguire/McGuire May 24,1857 at St. Joseph's Catholic Parish Stratford Ontario Canada.

Children born to this marriage at Mitchell Ontario
Michael Henry McGuire
Born:April 17, 1858
Francis John McGuire
Born: March 26, 1860

Charles Thomas McGuire
Born: February 10, 1862

Mary Ann McGuire
Born : March 27, 1864

Rose Annie McGuire Keffe O'Keefe
Died: April 17, 1864 Mitchell Ontario Canada
Buried: ST. Vincent De Paul Catholic Cemetery Mitchell Ontario Canada

I would greatly appreceiate hearing from anyone from Knockninny County Fermanagh who has genealogy information on the Maguire and Keffe Families.

I have searched for years and just lately got information that these famlies emigrated from Knockninny County Fermanagh. Please help me.

Contact by email: cpmcguire@shaw.ca
Date information added to site: 15 Aug 2002


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