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My mane is Bob Kearns and I live in New Jersey USA any way here is all the info i have on the Kearns / Beggan line.

Daniel Kearns = Catherine??
2 sons 3 daughters Mary, Daniel, Anne, Bernard, Catherine

Mary = Edward Beggan 17 Aug. 1885
Daniel = Juliana Beggan 3 Sep. 1888
[Edward and Juliana are cousins]
Anne = John Cosgrove
Catherine = John Naan

Bernard was a constable and died around 1898 and is burried on Dernish Island, I know the Kearns are from Dernish Island and that Juliana Beggan is from Newtown Butler. Her parents were Micheal Beggan and Margaret Fitzpatrick.

This is all I know of the family. I would like to know as much as possible and how far back that we go. I also realize that records are almost non existent, so I am not really counting on much more that I have. I would also like to know if I have any relatives living over in Ireland.

Just to set things in order, Daniel and Juliana were my great grandparents, so any thing you can do would be a great help.

Thank you

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Date information added to site: 21 April 2002


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