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Tubrid Graveyard is the principal burial ground of Drumkeeran Parish which was carved out of the ancient parish of Magheraculmoney. The church was built here in 1774 at the expense of the Vaughan Charitable Charter School while Rev St. George was minister of the united Church of Ireland parishes of Magheraculmoney and Drumkeeran. In 1824 the church was enlarged at the expense of the parish and is now capable of holding 300 worshippers. Previously people from this area would have buried in Ardess Graveyard the ancient centre of Magheraculmoney Parish.

It is described by Alistair Rowan in his book "The Buildings of North West Ulster in 1979 as, "a hall and tower type church." He goes on to say it is characteristically tall and thin in three stages with Irish battlements on the top. Between 1857 and 1859 it was enlarged further by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to almost double its previous size using the design of Alexander Hardy their surveyor. Hardy added a north-south transept which cut across the old nave. The whole roof was rebuilt at this time. A workman fell from the roof and was killed during these repairs.

Apart from the building of an Orange Hall here this locality failed to develop beyond the usual triumvirate of school, church and hall. It is unlikely that a church would ever have been built here but for the application of Vaughan Charity money to this purpose.

There are over 240 death and burial records in Tubrid with 83 unique surnames which are:

Aiken, Allen, Allingham, Anderson, Armstrong, Barton, Beatty, Bell, Boyd, Brady, Brandon, Brimstone, Brown, Caldwell, Cawthers, Chittick, Clarke, Cuthbertson, Dick, Duffy, Dundas, Farrell, Fitzpatrick, Forde, Foster, Fraser, Frazer, Gibson, Gilmore, Godman, Graham, Grimsley, Harron, Hart, Hilliard, Humphries, Johnston, Keys, Kidney, Knox, Lennox, Leonard, Loane, Mackey, Marshall, McCartney, McClelland, McCormick, McCrea, McCutcheon, Mills, Moffit, Moore, Morrow, Morton, Noble, Ogle, Reid, Richardson, Robinson, Rowe, Scott, Seaney, Sims, Speer, Spence, Sproule,  Stephenson, Stevenson, Stewart, Swanson, Swindell, Swindle, Taggart, Taylor, Thompson, Tuttle, Vance, Wade, Walmsley, Watson, Wilson, Woods

Some new inscriptions were added and others were amended in May 2001.

If one of the surnames above is the one you're looking for you can now go to the Deaths & Burials Search and type your chosen surname in the Surname box and enter "Tubrid " in the Place box.  The results will show you all deaths and burials with that surname in Tubrid.

Submitted and published here with permission of
John B. Cunningham