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Olive McCaffrey, Roslea

St. Tierney’s R.C. Graveyard, Roslea

This graveyard was recorded and the headstones listed in the 1984 Clogher Record, pp. 433-48. The following additional headstones were discovered as a result of renovation and excavation work carried out at the Church and graveyard over the past few years.

Section A

PRUNTY. Here lieth the body of Patrick Prunty who departed this life Feb the 20 1794 aged 73 years. Erected by his son John Prunty. (This stone lies at the front wall near 33A. It was probably at grave no. 61A)

SLOEY. Erected by Charles Sloey of Feigh in memory of his father Henory (sic) Sloey who departed this life May the 1 1831 aged 54 years. (This stone had been used as a doorstep at the Vestry. Discovered during renovations to the Chapel in 1987 it now lies at the west wall between 16A and 17A.)

Section C

The following three headstones are together near 58C.

LEONARD. This stone erected by Felix and John Leonard in memory of their father James Leonard who departed this life May the 9th 1797 aged 78 years.

SMYTH. This stone was erected by Connor Smyth of Nart in memory of his daughter Mary Smyth who departed this life Sept. the 20th A.D. 1817 aged 30 yrs.

SMYTH. This stone erected by Moses Smyth in memory of his daughter Rose Smyth dpareted May ye 13 1807 aged 22.

McKENNA. Sacred to the memory of Hugh McKenna late of Drummons who departed this life the 12 of Februrary aged 62 years A.D. 1848. (It was found buried while putting in a footpath. This stone is beside 71C).

Section D

MONDAY. This stone erected by Thomas Monday in memory of his mother Eleanor Monday departed June 20th 1801 aged 54 yrs. (This stone lies behind no. 98D)

OWENS. Erected by Hugh Owens of Dernahesco in memory of his father and mother Patrick and Ellen. On whose soul sweet Jesus have Mercy. (This stone is lying at grave 83D. Uncovered while leveling the ground.)

QUIGLEY. This stone was erected by James Quigley in memory of his fat(her) William Quigley who departed this life -- the -- 1812 age -- (this stone is in fragments and lying at the front boundary wall.)

Peter & Bridget Montague
M. of Peter Montague and his wife Bridget.
Dear friend as you pass by
As you are now so once was I.
As I am now so you mst be
Prepare the way to follow me.

My father died 2/9/1824. My mother died Sept. 02th (sic) 1824 being 18 days difference in the time. James Montague of Cornamramurvy.

Luke Keenan
Luke Keenan late of Roslea d. 11/11/1869 a. 52. His wife Hannah Keenan d. 24/3/1891. Teresa Mary d. 20/6/1888. John Thomas d. 23/12/1889. Joseph T. d. 26/6/1894. James E. d. 10/3/1895. Elizabeth d. 5/12/1923.

Dr. Donnelly’s Journal for 13 Nov. 1869: Re. Luke Keenan’s Funeral.
‘Off 9, Rosslea 10.45. Rained hard all forenoon. Large funeral after all. Smollen, PP, celebrated. I presided at Office and gave Absolution and interment service. Wept much. Offerings (GBP pound) 36. Left 3.30.’

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