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Fermanagh Gold Introduction
By Noel Maguire in the Clogher Record 1956. 
Enlarged by J. B. Cunningham 2001

Saint Natalis (Naale) or Naile came from south Donegal, around Inver, and eventually settled at Kill Naile or Saint Naille's Church. He was blessed by St. Colmcille as a youth and became a very successful missionary. According to legend a large stone, possibly from a pre-christian site overlooked Kinawley. Naile rolled it down and where it came to rest he built his church. He is recorded as abbot here and later at Devenish and he died in 563. Ruaidhri Mac Donnchadh, Prior of Clonard and Abbot of other churches who died in 837 was also abbot of Kinawley. Muntergromagh i.e. the family of O'Droma now usually anglicised as Drum supplied the hereditary erenaghs of Kinawley. 

In the Inquisition for County Fermanagh held on September 18th, 1609 it is recorded that the bishop of Kilmore was seized of a rent of 4 shillings and four quarters of beef at his visitation from the erenagh lands of Kinawley. If he chose not to visit he was to receive 40 groats (an old English silver coin valued at 4 pence). Like Killesher and Killinagh, Kinawley was a tribute parish to the Abbey of Kells, County Meath.

The list contains some inscriptions, given in full, of much interest for Clogher diocese and for the family history of certain branches of the Maguires. The records have been included in the database and are fully searchable.

There are 187 records in Kinawley Cemetery with 85 unique surnames which are:

Breen, Bryan, Caffry, Cals, Carrel, Casidy, Cauclin, Clark, Clarke, Clery, Clifford, Corrigan, Corry, Coshidy, Costello, Daly, Doherty, Dolin, Doonan, Dornan, Dromond, Drum, Drumm, Drummond, Drumond, Duggan, Farmer, Fitzpatrick, Fitzsimmons, Gilbride, Gilleece, Gillon, Green, Greene, Haren, Heuy, Kelagher, Kelly, Leonard, Lunney, Lunny, Lyman, Macawly, MacBride, MacCaffry, MacCormick, MacKenna, MacManes, MacManus, Magrath, Magraths, Magrory, Maguier, Maguir, Maguire, Malanaphy, Marton, McAuely, McAuly, McAwly, McBarron, McCaffrey, McCaffry, McCarran, McCarron, McCauley, McCawley, McCawly, McConel, McCormick, McCourt, McGrory, McHugh, McManus, Monaghan, Murphy, Obryn, O'Cashedy, Pryal, Reilly, Rielly, Rooney, Rowny, Sheanon, Smyth

If one of the surnames above is the one you're looking for you can now go to the Deaths & Burials Search and type your chosen surname in the Surname box and enter "Kinawley" in the Place box.  The results will show you all deaths and burials with that surname in Kinawley.

Submitted and published here with permission of
John B. Cunningham