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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

This graveyard is situated about three miles from Belleek on the Pettigo road beside Keenaghan Lake This is an ancient graveyard with a church and its ancestry as a place of worship can be traced back to an 9th century cleric named Maolcobha.

All of the inscriptions appear below - the unique names are:

McAwley, Barron, Casidy, Connor, Donagher, Flanagan, Flanagn, Gallagher, Garvin, McGoldrick, Greayson, Green, Higgens, Keenan, Lannan, Lannon, McLoughlin, Magee, Magoldrick, Magoluck, Magolrick, Maguire, Magurin, Megaragle, Muldoon, Mulrone, O’Neile, Quin, Slevin, Sleavin, Smith, Tuthill

MC AWLEY. Erected in memory of John Mc Awley who departed this life Febry 24th 1807 Aged 32 years.

BARRON. In loving memory of John Barron, Gadalough, Belleek Died 31 Aug 1976 Aged 66 years.R.I.P. Erected by his loving wife Bridie. [John Barron found an ancient stone head in Keenaghan Lough in 1971. Until 22-1-96 when Mary Lannan otherwise Leonard was buried here, he was the last person buried in this graveyard. John lived in the thatched cottage directly across Keenaghan Lough from the graveyard where he now rests.

CASIDY. Here lyeth the body of Honora Casidy who depd this life 1st Jan 1792 Aged 58 years.

CONNOR. Here lyeth ye body of Dinis Connor who dyed February the 5th 1758 Aged 15 years.

DONAGHER. In memory of Redmond Donagher who departed this life March 1785 Aged 74 years.

FLANAGAN. James Flanagan buried here with no gravestone died 26th February 1910.

FLANAGN. Erected by Thomas Flanagn in memory of his father James Flanagn who departed this life February 26th 1807 Aged 77 years.

FLANGAN. Erected in memory of Anne Flangan alias Macafry who departed this life Dec 19 1810 aged 68 years also her husband William Flangan who departed this life Dec 12th 1813 aged 76 years.

GALLAGHER. Here lyeth the body of Catherine Gallagher who departed this life November 8th 1824 aged 34 years Also her husband James Mulheran.

GALLAGHER. Erected in memory of Owen Gallagher who departed this life January 8th 1806 aged 68 years.

GALLAGHER. This stone erected by John Gallagher in memory of his father Terance Gallagher who departed this life November the 17th 1798 aged 58 years.

GARVIN. Erected by Mary Garvin of Curry in memory of her beloved husband William Garvin who departed this life August 11th 1831 aged 75 years.

GARVIN. Erected in memory of William Garvin who depd. this life August 14th 1832 aged 66 years. [Ancestors of Frank Garvin of Corry, Belleek. Molly Garvin was a famous inn keeper in Belleek. The pub situated at the crossroads of the Enniskillen to Ballyshannon and Belleek to Garrison road was later known as Slater’s Pub. It was blown up by the IRA in the recent troubles and was reputedly the oldest pub in Fermanagh. It was also beside Belleek Quay and was a place where emigrants took their last local drink on their way by steamer to Enniskillen and thense by train to Derry, Belfast etc. to emigrate. Hot whiskeys were a favourite drink then and a Belleek man in America played a trick on his friend fron County Mayo who was returning home. He asked him to visit Belleek and bring him back one of Molly Garvin’s muddlers as a souvenier. Entering the pub the unsuspecting Mayo man asked for a hot whiskey himself and laughed when Molly stirred the hot mixture of water whiskey and sugar with her thumb. Molly was very much attached to her muddlers.]

MC GOLDRICK. Erected by James Mc Goldrick in memory of his beloved brother John Mc Goldrick who departed this life Dec 31st 1884 aged 19 years.

MC GOLDRICK. To the memory of Margaret Mc Goldrick who departed this life 14th May 1900 aged 60 years. [Erected by James Mc Goldrick of Oughterdrum.]

GREAYSON. Sacred to the memory of Denis Greayson who departed this life November the 11th 1813 aged 57 years.

GREEN. Here lieth the body of Patrick Green who departed his life April 3 A.D. ----- aged 70 years.

GREEN REV. A Fr. Green a native of Raphoe is reputedly buried in this graveyard in Penal times.

HIGGENS. Erected in memory of Unity Higgens who depd this life August 1 1783 aged 45 years. Also William Flannagan who depd Jany 21st 1797 aged 31 years.

KEENAN. Erected by Thomas Keenan in memory of his beloved parents Ellen Keenan who died 17th July 1874 aged 68 years. Francis Keenan died 7th March 1877 aged 96 years.

KEENAN. Here lyeth the body of Roger Keenan decd ..... A.D. 1762 aged 41 .... and his son.....(stone broken).

LANNAN. Erected by John Lannan to the memory of his father Tarance who died 1869 aged 79 years Also his wife Catherine ----- aged 45 years. (a recent attachment to the stone) In loving memory of Mary Leonard died 20th Jan. 1996 aged 83 years. R.I.P.

LANNON. Here lies the body of William Lannon who departed this life June 1st 1800 Aged 90 years.

MC LOUGHLIN. Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Isabella Mc Loughlin who resigned her soul to eternity July the 3rd A.D.1817 aged 37 years. As a token of filial affection this stone was erected by her son .......... ........... [Descendants of this woman were constantly jibed about the religious change which had occurred in their family since the time this stone was erected. As a result two stonemason descendants returning home from Belleek with a certain amount of drink obliterated part of the stone with chisels.]

MAGEE. Beneath are deposited the remains of Francis Magee who died 22nd Janry 1859 aged 57 years. Also his son Francis who died 5th December 1879 aged 23 years.

MAGEE. Pray for the soul of John Magee who died April 15th 1902 aged 92 years also Isabella Magee who died March 10th 1902 aged 67 years.

MAGOLDRICK. Here lyeth the body of Edward Magoldrick who dyed March 6th 1732 aged 47 years.

MAGOLUCK. Pray for ye soul of Farril Magoluck who departed July 16th 1799 aged 40 years.

MAGOLRICK. Here lies the body of Felix Magolrick who died Jan 1st 1777 aged 84 yrs also in memory of his daughter.

MAGOLRICK. Here lyeth the body of Knogher Magolrick who depd this life May 1st 1799 aged 7 years also his father Thomas Magolrick who depd. this life …..

MAGUIRE. Here lyeth Denis Maguire who departed this life Jan 24th 1780 aged 50 years.

MAGUIRE. To the memory of Patrick Maguire who depd. this life September 17th 1806 aged 23 years.

MAGURIN. Here lies the body of Hugh Magurin in memory of his father John Magurin who departed this life November the 22nd 1843 aged 63 years.

MEGARAGLE. Here lies the body of Michael Megargle who depd this life Novbr 26th 1803 age 30 years also Owen Megargle.

MULDOON. Erected in memory of Edward Muldoon who departed this life Decr 27th 1911 aged 33 years.

MULRONE. Here lies the body of Sarah Mulrone who departed this life February the 20th 1778 aged 45.

MULRONE. In loving memory of Thomas Mulrone who died Novr 20th 1870 aged 70 years. Also his wife Margaret Mulrone died August 2nd 1869 aged 56 years.

O’NEILE. This erected in memory of Barnaby O’Neile who departed this life 9th August 1791 aged 7 years. Also in memory of his father Henry O’Neile who departed this life April 8th 1814 aged 72 years.

QUIN. Erected by Thomas, Michael, Owen and Patrick Quin for and in memory of their father Michael Quin who departed this life Dec. 23rd 1788 aged 48 years. Also in memory of Bridget Quin daughter to the above Thomas who departed this life March 15th 1809 aged 4 years.

QUIN. Erected in memory of Hugh Quin who departed this life Sept. the 15th 1808 aged 60 years.

QUIN. Erected by Thomas Quin in memory of Michael Quin and posterit who departed this life Decr. 23rd 1788 aged 48 years. ?? (this one looks very like the second one above)

SLEVIN. Erected by James Slevin of Drumanillar in memory of his brother Patrick Slevin who died May 14th 1867 aged 22. (adjoining below)

SLEVIN. Patrick Slevin aged 22 years. Member of the Fenian Brotherhood died as a result of ill-treatment in jail 14th May 1867. Remember them with pride.

SLEVIN. Erected in memory of John Slevin who departed this life the 22nd of April 1808 aged 46 years.

SLEAVIN. Erected in memory of Patrick Sleavin who departed this life March 28th 1808 aged 56 years.

SMITH. Here lyes the body of Thos. Smith who died Jany 16th 1771 aged 35 years.

TUTHILL. Erected by Hugh Tuthill …. In memory of his beloved wife Mary Tuthill who departed this life September 10th 1866 aged 39 years.

Material submitted by John Cunningham, June 2001