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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

The Devenish cemetery inscriptions are taken directly from the 1897 publication "Devenish: It's History, Antiquities and Traditions". The final chapter of the book is all about the two cemeteries and can be read in full HERE

There are 100 death and burial records in Devenish with 49 unique surnames which are:

Aegan, Bell, Boyd, Brad, Brady, Brannon, Browning, Busby, Cassidy, Daugherty, Flaherty, Flanagan, Forde, Gallagher, Gragg, Greanger, Griffin, Hackett, Hoes, Johnston, Keenan, Kelly, Kerr, Kerreghan, Loughran, M'Aleher, Macalees, Macguire, MacVe, Magrath, Maguire, McAlroy, McCaffery, McCollin, McCusker, McEvoy, McGee, McGoldric, McManus, McMulchan, Miner, Murphy, Murry, O'Donnell, O'Flaherty, Reilly, Seery, Sweeny, Veldon

If one of the surnames above is the one you're looking for you can now go to the Deaths & Burials Search and type your chosen surname in the Surname box and enter "Devenish" in the Place box.  The results will show you all deaths and burials with that surname in Devenish.

Some of the inscriptions bear the monogram "I.H.S." - they are Aegan,, Brad, Browning, Cassidy, Forde, Gallagher, Hckett, Keenan, Kelly, Maguire, McGrath, McManus, McMulchan, Miner, Flaherty, Reilly, Brady, Magrath, McAlroy, Murry, Seery.

Maurice Cassidy (Cassidy Clan) offers the following explanation for "I.H.S."

Here is the actual entry from my Chambers English Dictionary:
"IHC, IHS  for the Greek capitals IHC (H, capital eta and C, a form of Sigma) first two and last letters Iesous (Jesus), often misread as Jesus Hominum Salvator (Jesus Saviour of Men)."

That H represents a vowel in Greek, sounds like ay in may.   The C is in fact an 's' in Greek.   Their 's' is sometimes written in such a way that the top curl completely dwarfs the bottom one making it look like a 'c'. The other versions look even less like our 's'. 

Notes linked from records in the database:


On this stone are cut two hands breaking host over chalice, the whole surmounted by a crucifix; on either side the words "Te Deum laudaumus, mement. morti."

The O'Cassidys were physicians to the Maguires from 1320 til 1504, when Thomas O'Cassidy, the last heriditary practitioner of the name, wrote a tract on "The Nature and Cure of the Different Diseases Incident to the Human Frame." The family gave many distinguished ecclesiastics to the monasteries around Lough Erne and to the Clogher Mission. In 1704 the Rev. Edmund Cassidy (aged 55 years) was parish priest of Devenish, and resident at Aghucheerin. He had been ordained at DownPatrick in 1673 by Dr. Key, Bishop of Down and Connor. (a List of Popish Parish Priests, etc, Dublin 1705).


Hoc bonus Hoc justus simplex generosus honestuc
Mortuus ecce -- et meniore Dionisius--
Pauperis Auxilium Maguirae gloria gentis
Beneath this tone, Thy bones just Denis lie
With goodness, fraught, fraught with simplicity
Of poor a friend, the glory of thy name
Thy generous soul. Thy virtues who can blame.