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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

Colaghty Church was built in 1844 but church records begin in 1837. 

It had originally been part of the Church of Ireland parish of Magheraculmoney. Previously services were held in Lack old school near the former creamery at the edge of the village on the old road to Ederney. 

It is unclear why this church was not erected in Lack the chief local centre of population despite the fact that the rectory was built there. Unlike the vicinity of many churches the local area has never developed as a centre of education, entertainment or had a shop. Its only immediate public building had been a B Special training hut.

There are over 290 records in Colaghty Cemetery with 59 unique surnames which are:

Acheson, Armstrong, Barton, Beacom, Beattie, Best, Boyd, Bratton, Buchanan, Caldwell, Cassidy, Crozier, Davis, Delap, Ellis, Evans, Farrell, Gilfedder, Gilmour, Ginn, Goodard, Hall, Hicks, Ingram, Irvine, Johnston, Jones, Kerr, Keys, Kilfedder, Knox, Leonard, Little, Livingstone, Magovern, Marshall, McBryde, Milligan, Montgomery, Moore, Nelson, Nixon?, Noble, Oldman, Ovens, Patterson, Patton, Rankin, Robinson, Russell, Scott, Simpson, Smith, Speer, Vance, Virtue, Walker, Weir, Wilkin, Wilson, Woods

If one of the surnames above is the one you're looking for you can now go to the Deaths & Burials Search and type your chosen surname in the Surname box and enter "Colaghty" in the Place box.  The results will show you all deaths and burials with that surname in Colaghty.

Submitted and published here with permission of
John B. Cunningham