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Carrick is the old graveyard outside Derrygonnelly where the old church used to be.

The following list of names are from a book by Mr  W.K. Parke; "Glimpses of old Derrygonnelly".

Owen Cox, 1882
Edward Campbell, 1900
Thomas McDohnagh, 1776
Francis Love, 1813
Cormac McManus, 1757
Mary Curen, 1905
Patrick Durous, 1771
Sisey MacLlaghlen, 1742
Patrick Hosey, no date
Mary Corrigan, no date
Flaherry Maginis, 1799
Brian Love, 1794
Felix Dolan 1870
Sarah Dolan, 1874
Charles Murphy, 1879
Mary Conway, 1895
Margaret Murphy, 1889
Anthony Foy, 1790
Philip MacCafery, 1755
Henry Greene, 1916
James Ovens, 1704, Might be Owens.
John Moore, 1788