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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

Caldragh Cemetery on Boa Island had only seven gravestones but many rough marker stones from 20 to 40 cms high. This is a remarkably small number of gravestones considering that the island once had over six hundred people living on it. Why is this so?

There are a small number of gravestones scattered around the island which might have come from this graveyard and it is a mystery why this has happened. The most likely answer why there are so few is that the people did not feel that they needed gravestones. Everyone on the island knew where each family buried and rough marker stones sufficed to guide those who had to dig the next grave. 

In modern times this graveyard was given a boundary by the erection of an ironwork fence. In the past it would have been of much greater extent. The mysterious Boa Island figures of thousands of years ago look impassively over the gravestones.

Read more about the Caldragh Statues on Fermanagh Presents

Read about the Caldragh Statues on Fermanagh Presents
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There are 16 records in Caldragh Cemetery with 10 unique surnames which are:

Chittick, Flanagan, Kerrigan, Maguire, McCabe, McGeo, McGolrick, Monaghan, Snow, Thompson

If one of the surnames above is the one you're looking for you can now go to the Deaths & Burials Search and type your chosen surname in the Surname box and enter "Caldragh" in the Place box.  The results will show you all deaths and burials with that surname in Caldragh.

Submitted and published here with permission of
John B. Cunningham