Fermanagh Gold Introduction

The extracts that appear here are taken from information posted to the Fermanagh mail list during 2000.  The extracts appear as originally posted, some with full references, some with vague recollections. The original poster's contact email address is included. Where questions have been asked, the replies have been included following the query.

From the films listed in the extracts, Bud Flanagan has drawn up a total list:

1. The Quiet Man
2.  My Left Foot
3.  Darby O'Gill & the Little People
4.  Shake Hands With The Devil
5.  The Legend of Rowan Nash
6.  The Long Gray Line
7.  The Crying Game
8.  Ryan's Daughter
9.  Run of the Country
10. The Playboys
11.  Another Man's Son
12. The Last September
13. Far and Away
14. Ireland or Bust (1932)
15. Doughboys in Ireland (1943)
16. All for Old Ireland (1915)
17, Castle Ghosts of Ireland (1996)
18. Denny from Ire;and (1918)
19. Fantasy on Ireland
20. A Bit of Oulde Ireland (1910)
21. The Spirit of Ireland (1965) by Sean O'Casey
22. Ireland, A Nation (1914)
23. The Field
24. Fighting Prince of Donegal
25. The Commitments
26. Walking Ned Divine
27. Dancing at Lughnasa
28. The Devil's Own
29. Angela's Ashes
30. The Irish that's in Us (1940)
31. The Nephew
32. The Mammy

I cannot remember the name of the film I am thinking of but it started in Ireland and the family came to Australia and it was the story of settlement and pioneering the Kimberley district of Western Australia. I am pretty sure it was the Durack family who were one of the great cattle families who pioneered this country. Mary Durack wrote "Kings in Grass Castles" and the movie was most likely based on this. Someone else may know the title.

The Duracks pioneered from Central Queensland taking their cattle across to the Ord River in North Western Australia 1883. It was about the gold rush at Hall's Creek as well. I wish I could remember the title but they lost their land in Ireland because they couldn't pay the money to the Bristish landlords I think. Heather nobletiv@gil.com.au

The Quiet Man.   need the location in Ireland (for it's scenery) Braveheart.  near Shanon airport (for it's display of clothing and type of fighting).

Darby O'Gill & The LIttle People (Irish Mythology )

Need help;  James Cagney played the part of a college professor and was the doctor for the IRA. Also included Glyness Johns made in the 1940's, Need the movie's title?

Who was the actor in "My Left Foot" ? Played the part of an Indian in his next movie.  Bud buddyf@ieway.com

Hi Bud,
The film 'The Quiet Man' was shot in Cong, in Co. Mayo, I have visited the town and the building the pub was in is a wee shop now which sells all sorts of things.  I bought 6 postcards which were black and white stills of the film and framed them when I got back home to Bangor, Co. Down.

One of the postcards has John Wayne swinging Maureen O'Hara around, I think it was probably the day of the wedding and another of them is a group photo of John Wayne, Victor McLaglen, Barry Fitzgerald etc....

I also visited Ashford Castle and walked down the road where on their wedding day they went down in a horse and carriage - it was brilliant.

In the town of Neale a short distance from Cong, the man who was John Wayne's double for the film owns a Hotel and we were talking to him and he was telling us lots of things about the making of the film and there were pictures all over the place of him and the actors.

In answer to your other question Daniel Day Lewis played the lead in 'My Left Foot'  Brenda Fricker was his Mother.

He also played Hawkeye in the Last of the Mohicans.

Hope this helps, I'm not sure of the other ones.

PS Did you know that 'Saving Private Ryan' was shot on location in the South of Ireland, at least the beach scenes were.

All the Best
Sharon sharzy@utvinternet.com
Bangor Co. Down

For Bud
James Cagney in Shake Hands With The Devil (1959) - (very, very late 40's)

Hi Bud,
The movie was 'The Crying Game' and starred Forest Whitaker as the army officer and the Irish actor Stephen Rea.
Sharon sharzy@utvinternet.com

Braveheart was filmed at Castle Trim in Co Meath.

Chrissy amberley@hinet.net.au

They probably filmed the movie "Braveheart" all over the area of Ireland. I do know they were somewhere around Shannon. As my daughter and I were sitting on the plane waiting for take off (from the Shannon airport) when the Steward who was in front of us..was over heard to say...as he pointed out of the window.."this is where Mel Gibson and his film crew shot some of the movie "Braveheart." It was a most beautiful and picturesque area. I could see myself running through the tall emerald green grass. I was told that Scotland had too much rain (everyday) and there was alot of mud etc. Thus making it most difficult for the filming and the horses were slipping and sliding all over the place.  Most of the extras in the movie were (supposedly)mostly Irish. It's one of my all time favorites. Now if only they'd do a follow up. 

Jackie jjd@uia.net

Here's another:
"This is My Father", 1999, is about a Chicago high school teacher (James Caan) who decides to go to Ireland - with his sulky teenage nephew along - to find out who his father was.  At the B&B they stay at, an old Traveler woman (Moira Deady) tells all about the courtship between Kieran O'Day (Aidan Quinn) and Fionna Flynn (Moya Farrelly) in 1939.
There's a website at http://www.spe.sony.com/classics/thisismyfather/index.html Fionna talks about taking Kieran to Galway, which should imply it's nearby, but the movie was filmed in Counties Dublin, Wicklow, Offaly, and Kildare.

Dennis  fran@ees.eesc.com Sterling Heights Michigan USA

We might try www.imdb.com  which is an online database of movies.  For titles it brought up this list

Ireland or Bust (1932)
Doughboys in Ireland (1943)
All for Old Ireland (1915)
Castle Ghosts of Ireland (1996)
Denny From Ireland (1918)
Fantasy on Ireland (????)
Jennifer Ireland Story, The (1996) (TV)
Bit of Oulde Ireland, A (1910)
Sean O'Casey: The Spirit of Ireland (1965)
Van Morrison in Ireland (1980)
Ireland, a Nation (1914)

Other searches might yield more movies of interest.


Hi Everybody:
I have three video here that no one mentions. 
1. Michael Collins starring Liam Neeson.  A great movie about the Irish struggles in the 1920s and the end of the war. 
2.  The Crying Game which is kind of moody and is set in Northern Ireland. It's about the I.R.A.   Where is was filmed, I'm not sure, but it's set in County Armagh. 
3.  Touring Ireland which is a Questar Home Video Presentation.  It shows Dublin, The Ring of Kerry, Killarney National Park, the Rose of Tralee, Cork, Wexford, Galway, Connemara, The Aran Islands, Donegal and Sligo.  It's only 65 minutes long but it's a nice quick tour of Ireland and I didn't have to leave home!!

Hi Bud:
Here's another one:  Ryan's Daughter (1970) starred David Lean and Robert Mitchum.  The scenery is fantastic.

Max mcb@xcelco.on.ca

Another GREAT movie about the Irish: Waking Ned Devine--it's fairly new......

Gwen R Wright WRIGHTX2@prodigy.net

Another couple of Irish films which are great.

The Field, starring Richard Harris and John Hurt and I think Tom Berenger. This was shot in a place called Leenane, I have also visited here and the local pub is where all the action took place and there are stills all around the walls.

Another one called 'Da' starring Martin Sheen about a son coming from America to attend his Father's funeral.

All the Best
Sharon sharzy@utvinternet.com

IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER: Based on a true story, Daniel Day-Lewis and John Lynch. Based on a true story, film details British overzealousness in prosecuting an IRA bombing in the 1970s.

WAR OF THE BUTTONS:  This remake of a classic 1962 film introduces audiences to the children of two towns who fight amongst themselves, but eventually learn to grow to help each other.

BOXER: Drama from Jim Sheridan and Daniel Day-Lewis, the Irish director and British star (respectively)  The story focuses a promising boxer who had been imprisoned at age 18 for associating with IRA terrorists.

SOME MOTHER'S SON:  Terry George, the co-writer of In the Name of the Father, wrote and directed this 1996 drama based on actual events from 1981, when Irish Republican Army prisoners in Belfast's Maze Prison staged a hunger strike to protest against British prime minister Margaret Thatcher's political policies. Led by IRA prisoner Bobby Sands, the hunger strike eventually lead to the deaths of 10 prisoners

FAR AND AWAY: Starring: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, etc. Director: Ron Howard



Hi from Oz.  This brought all the movie buffs out of the closet! Two more that haven't been mentioned yet - "The Devils Own" and 'The Committments".

I have just returned from viewing  a "film"  in Wagga Wagga - our nearest LDS centre!    Have recorded a few Fermanagh families from 1851 census abstracts from it and  will share with the list tomorrow.

Helen Harris kenhell@tpgi.com.au

A very recent movie but set in the late 1950's is "Agnes Browne" starring Angelica Huston. It is a film taken from the novel "The Mammy" by Brendan O'Carroll. Very funny and moving.

Raeanne raeanne@clear.net.nz