Fermanagh Gold Introduction

This page introduces the contributors who have freely submitted their own research, or transcriptions, to Fermanagh Gold. You can contact any of the contributors using the email link associated with their name.

A public thank you to all of you, with your agreement to share your research, this website is becoming a valuable resource to all family researchers seeking their roots in Fermanagh. 

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Valerie Anderson Bill Armstrong David Armstrong
Wendy Backhouse Bill Barber Anna Barrie
Gwen Barry Maureen Batty Ron Betty
Nancy Byng Patrick Callaghan Hugh Casement
Janet Cassidy Stroh Julie Chitwood Michael Clarke
Robert E Clegg John Convery Art Cooper
Nicola Courtney John B Cunningham Michelle Dale
Jim Dawe Diane Heidi Dundas
Ellie Helen Emmett Karin Endemann
Gail Orr Erickson William J Flanagan Nita Fraser
Bob Graham Jan Hart Ray Hawkins
Daniel Houser Heather Hunter James Irvine
Margaret Jenkins Joan R Jones Alan Keys
Lizzie Keys Jane Lyons Séamas Mac Annaidh
Brian MacDonald Philip McDonnell Sheila McKenna
Mary Murray Jon Martin Jenny Nielson
Sharryn Philips Gerry Rice Jean Rice
Helene F Rogers Vynette Sage Shelle & Pat
Sandra Stanley Jim Swindell Rich Tinneny
Robert Williams Walter Woods Timothy Yates



Copyright of all original material supplied by contributors remains the intellectual property of those contributors or to the originator of material transcribed as indicated by the contributor.  Any enquiries about the material should be addressed to the contributor direct.

Where permission has been granted to reproduce published material, acknowledgement is duly made to the author and publication.

The design and development of the Fermanagh Gold website remains the copyright of Jan Hart and Ariadne Web Design 2001-2003.