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Colonel William Armstrong B/1565 Gilknockie, Dumfries Co., Scotland and D/1642 in Brookboro, Fermanagh Co., Ireland, son of Christopher Armstrong B/1523 Scotland.  He married Margaret Elliott About 1600 in Scotland, and she was B/Abt. 1583 Scotland.

William was a follower of King Charles I, and was a Colonel in King Charles I British Army, in Fermanagh Co., Ireland. During the Ireland Civil War 1642-1646 Col. William Armstrong died in battle.

Colonel William Armstrong was buried in the Old Churchyard of Agahavea, a short distance from Brookboro, Fermanagh Co., Ireland. Upon Col. William Armstrong death, his heirs were awarded a Land Grant in Fermanagh Co., Northern Ireland.

Source-Chronicles of the Armstrongs, p.p. 203, 309, 310, 311, 312, 313, 316, 320, & 330 sent to Author Dr. James L. Armstrong by Letter from Edwin E. Armstrong of Detroit, Michigan dated December 6, 1897.

Children of William Armstrong and Margaret Elliott are;
1.William Armstrong B/1600 The Border, Scotland D/1664 Enniskillen, Fermanagh Co., Ire.
2.Thomas Armstrong B/1603 The Border, Scotland D/1693 Londonderry, Ire.
3. Edward Armstrong B/1604 The Border, Scotland D/1650 Ederney, Terwinney Co., Ire.
4. Robert Armstrong B/Abt 1610 The Border, Scotland D/Abt 1722 Longfield, Ire.
5. Christopher Armstrong B/Abt 1616 Auphinmgli, Scotland D/1706
6. David Armstrong B/Abt 1620 The Border, Scotland D/? Kirtleton, Scotland
7. John Armstrong B/1625 Longfield, Scotland D/Abt 1695 Longfield, Ire.
8. Simon Armstrong B/Abt 1628 Brookboro, Fermanagh Co., Ire. D/?
9. Alexander Armstrong B/1631 Brookboro, Fermanagh Co., Ire. D/Abt 1721 Carrickmakeegan, Leitrim Co., Ire.

* Robert was witness to his brother Alexander's will 1721

Source-Sir Bernard Burke
Source-Clans & Tartans by Harper/Collins Publishers, P.O. Box, Glasgow G4
ONB-1995 (Mention of the Civil War on page 89, & 248)
Source-1635-1651 Civil War, (Abstract of acts of settlement & explanation, reign of King Charles I, in Parliment at Westminister in 1640.

Bill has added his own line as follows:
William L. Armstrong B/1929 Sedalia, Missouri married Yolanda Sedano 1963 California 
William L. Armstrong B/1903 Pauls Valley, Oklahoma married Della Homan 1926 Missouri
Charles S. Armstrong B/1872 Dutch Mills, Arkansas married Hettie Flippen 1898 Arkansas
William H. Armstrong B/1848 Wabash Co., Illinois married Mary Moore 1869 Arkansas
James M. Armstrong B/1829 Madison Co., Illinois married Sarah Suliphen 1847 Missouri
Thomas Armstrong B/1793 Warren Co., Kentucky married Elenor Collier 1817 Kentucky
Joshua Armstrong B/1756 Paxtang, Pennsylvania married Sarah Morris 1785 Virginia
Robert Armstrong B/1716 Ulster, Ireland married Margaret Thompson 1745 Pennsylvania
James Armstrong B/1690 Brookboro, Ireland married Mary Campbell 1704 Ireland
James Armstrong B/1645 Brookboro, Ireland married Jane Campbell 1690 Ireland
Edward Armstrong B/1604 Scotland married Mary Maguire Abt/1622 Ireland
William Armstrong B/1565 Scotland married Margaret Elliott Abt/1600 Scotland
Christopher Armstrong B/1523 Scotland married Catherine Graham 1545 Scotland
John Armstrong B/1490 Scotland married Elizabeth Graham Abt/1523 Scotland
Alexander Armstrong B/Abt 1460 Scotland

Information submitted by:  Bill Armstrong updated 9 Dec 2000