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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

Isabella Reid was born in Grogey Townland, Aghalurcher Parish in 1822 the daughter of Edward and Mary Ann ___ Reid. She was married to John Patterson in Belfast 9 September 1843 at St. Anne's Church on Shankill Road. John was a soldier as well as a carpenter. 

The couple had two children Mary Anne born 8 March 1846 and William John born 22 October 1848. The children were both christened at Christchurch in Belfast. The family lived at 2 Alexander Street in Belfast. John was shot and killed about 1851. 

Isabella sent the children to America in 1867 with George and Ella Hackett Baird of Co. Tyrone. Mary Anne married Felix W. Doran on 21 May 1871 in Wilton, Muscatine Co., Iowa. William John married in 1871 Elizabeth Atwill in Stanton Co., Nebraska. 

Isabella remarried on 15 April 1853 in Colebrook Church in Co. Fermanagh, this time George Rennick born June 1827. He was the son of James and Maria Jackson Rennick. The couple had five children all born in Co. Fermanagh : 

James born 29 December 1853
Edward Thomas born October 1856
Margaret Jane born 1 December 1857
George II born after 1859
Francis born 18 July 1862

The last three were deceased by 1869 when the family went to America, and started farming in Muscatine Co., Iowa. Eventually, they went to Wayne Co., Nebraska and then to Pilger, Stanton Co., Nebraska in 1890. Isabella died 14 March 1898 and George 12 June 1904. 

Other Children of Edward and Mary Anne Reid or Reed

married Mary Drumm
Isabella died before 1822
Mary Ann
married Martha Moffet

Sons of George and Isabella Reid Rennick

James was born 29 December 1853 in Co. Fermanagh. He married Rebecca Jane Montgomery the daughter of William and Anna Emerson Montgomery also of Co. Fermanagh on 29 August 1886 in Guthrie Co., Iowa. Rebecca was born 11 November 1871 on Staten Island, Richmond Co., New York. The family had emigrated first to Canada. James died 31 August 1933 and Rebecca 1 August 1918. The couple had the following children:

Margaret married Emory Lee Jones
Mary A. married brother Herman Jones
Edward Samuel married Zora Elizabeth Patterson
Edith married Edward Oscar Milburn
George William married Doris Hazel Carson and Marian Snyder
Ruth married Albert Hudson
Celia married H. Charles Vatcher 

Edward Thomas was born in Co. Fermanagh in October of 1856. He married Roxa Olive Pingrey on 16 April 1885 in Wilton, Muscatine Co., Iowa. Her father, Jacob Hudson Pingrey, helped pay for passage for several families to come to America. His mother was related to the Reid/Reed family. There were four children :

Maria Isabella married Carl Ellsworth Wright
Bessie Pingery married Allen C. Dean
William James married Francis McGregor
Lillian Frances married David W. Townsend 

Roxa died 5 April 1898, and Edward married Ada Wert and had another four children :

Alvin Henry
Clara Lynette
Irma Wert
Elinore June

Edward died 15 January 1911 in Wayne, Wayne Co., Nebraska.


William was born 14 February 1844 in Co. Fermanagh, the son of Samuel and Rebecca Mitchell. He married 5 May 1865 Anna Emerson, the daughter of George and Mary Strain Emerson at Cavanaleck Presbyterian Meeting House, Co. Fermanagh. They left Ireland for Canada in 1865 then left for Staten Island, New York. They had the following children :

Minnie Elizabeth married William Baird, son of James and Jennie Reid/Reed
James' parents brought the Patterson children to America
Jennie was a niece of Isabella Reid/Reed Patterson Rennick
Rebecca Jane married James Rennick
George William married Emma Benshoof
William Thomas married Blanche Arrowsmith
Jane D. died young
Child died young
Bellie Jane died young
Roxa married Henry Rasmussen and six other men 

The family then moved to Muscatine Co., Iowa in 1872 later to Orange Twp. Guthrie Co. Iowa where William worked for the Pingrey family. They then left to live in the Stanton Co./Wayne Co., Nebraska. William died 10 March 1921 and Ann 20 June 1915, both in Stanton Co., Nebraska. 

Margaret E. was the sister of William who was born 11 September 1848. She married James Atwill in 1873 probably in New York; both had emigrated in 1870. She and her husband had seven children :

James S. married Grace E.
Anna Elizabeth
Emma married -------- Baker
Margaret married --------- Baker

The family moved to Wilton, Muscatine Co., Iowa in 1876 and stayed there the rest of their lives. James died 5 November and Margaret 10 November 1929. 

William Montgomery father of William and Margaret was born 1811 in Cavanaleck Townland, Aghalurcher Parish, the son of James and Esther ____ Montgomery. He married Rebecca Mitchell who was born in 1816 in Commohy Townland, Aghalurcher Parish. She was the daughter of Anthony and Jane _____ Mitchell.

Anna was born between April and August in 1846 in Co. Fermanagh. Her parents were George and Mary Strain Emerson.
George was born in 1817 in Derryvolin Townland, Druminchinmore Parish. He was the son of Edward and Catherine _____ Emerson. Edward's were probably Isaac and Margaret Emerson

Mitchell Family

Margaret Montgomery Atwill death certificate states that her parents were Montgomery and Mitchell (no first names, however). William and Anna Emerson Montgomery named their second daughter "Rebecca Jane". She was probably named after her grandmother and great-grandmother. Rebecca was born 1816 Commohy Townland, Aghalurcher Parish. William Montgomery was born 1811 at Cavanaleck Parish. 


James was born in 1791; he married before 1821 Maria Jackson was born in 1791 as well. She was probably the daughter of David Jackson and his first wife.
Their children were as follows:

Francis (?) married Marry Ann Rennick, daughter of another Francis Rennick. 
Edward married Jane ________
George Rennick b. June 1827 Grogey, Co. Fermanagh, m. Isabella Reid Patterson April 15, 1853 Colebrooke Church of Ireland, Co. Fermanagh, d.June 12, 1904 Stanton Co., NE
Jane Rennick b. 1825 Grogey, Co. Fermanagh, d. January 1, 1892 Wayne, Wayne Co., NE
Margaret Rennick b. February 21, 1828, Grogey, Co., Fermangh
John Samuel Rennick b. 1831 Co. Fermanagh, m. Ann Sarah Armstrong April 9, 1862 Canada, d. December 29, 1920 Shawville, Claredon Twp. Quebec, Canada.

George Rennick ?
In the 1788 Poll listing, there are two George Rennicks---could be father and son. The son might have been the father of Francis (1781) and James (1791). Both men died after 1821.

From the Book in the L.D.S Library in Salt Lake City by Carole Rennick Johnson Silver 1959. Chronology and Historical Data of the Rennicks, Inkerman, Ontario, Ashtabula, Ohio 

That George was born about 1760 and was probably the son of George (1742-1788) and Isabella Noble (1742-1801). She was the daughter of Alexander Noble and Sidney Scott. {See "Deaths" on the website.} George was the son of William Rennick and ---------- Stewart. William inherited Farnaconaghy and his wife had Faranascologue of Lisnaskea. These properties were passed to the sons and their families for several generations. 


Material contributed by Joan R Jones