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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

This page includes snippets of information collected and contributed by Ellie who first posted them to the Fermanagh Mail List.

June 17, 1736, an Indenture between Nicholas Ashdale, Esq. of Castle Archdall, County Fermanagh, and John Porteus, of Giltagh, for lands at Drumadoon, Mullagh and Cavith, at an annual rent of pounds 23 for 140 acres.

January 1, 1737, an indenture between Nicholas Loftus Hume and George Porteus of Tonnydoon (Dinnydoon) for lands at Tonnydoon, Rossary Parish, held by George Porteus, age 31 years, born 1706, and John Porteus for the lives of George Porteus and John Porteus of Giltagh, nephew to George, aged 10 years, born 1727, and Thomas Maguire.

June 7, 1760, an indenture between Nicholas Hume, Earl of Ely, and George Porteus of Dinnydoon, for the lives of George Porteus, 2nd, son of the lessee, age 12 years, born 1747, Thomas Maguire, age 19 years and Archibald Frazer, age 9 years.

December 6, 1792, a lease recorded by James Portes of Loughlin, County Fermanagh to William Armstrong of Drumoose, County Fermanagh, for lands known as Moenywilkin, Parish of Innismacsaint, for 21 years at an annual rent of pounds 54.5.0.

April 20, 1819, a lease by John Porteus of Giltagh to William Dundas of Broomhill, both County Fermanagh, for lands known as Broomhill, for 7 years at a yearly rent of pounds 45. with provision for access to the lands for removal of dung and manure.

Devenish in the Vestry Book for that parish: Appear James and Patrick Porteus, witnesses to a lease between John Brien, owner of the manor of Castledown (near Monea), 20 January, 1790, where the Parish Church stands.

In the Index to Clogher Diocesan Marriage Bonds (Bans) to 1852: 
William Porteus and Jane Rutherford, 1741
George Porteus and Jane Heaslip, 1742

In the Index to Clogher Diocesan Marriage Bonds (Bans) to 1852:
George Porteus and Mary Brooks, 1756
Thomas Porteus and Margery Nevin, 1773
John Porteus and Elizabeth Montgomery, 1819

In a fragment of a Parish Register for Innismacsaint, John Portess was godfather to Andrew and James Henry, April 9, 1672.