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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

Helene French Rogers has kindly contributed a considerable amount of her own research which she has been working on over the years.

Helene, from New Jersey in the US, has identified Armstrong and Irvine ancestors from Fermanagh mainly in the Aghavea, Aghalurcher and Enniskillen areas. Her sources which have been identified include Parish Registers, PRO records, tombstones and Fermanagh newspapers.

The links below include narrative about family members and all individuals have been added to the Fermanagh Gold database. You may have arrived at this page from a link in the database records.

There are 192 records in the database with 20 unique surnames which are:

Armstrong, Attwell, Besnard, Bracken, Breadon, Dixon, Falkner, Gamble, Gordon, Henderson, Hewitt, Irvine, Irwin, Johnston, Keys, Lloyd, Macartney, McCabe, Robinson, Rogers

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Helene French Rogers
April 1993



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