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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

Bill Barber has contributed various Fermanagh Muster Rolls and Census lists which appear in "Parish of Inishmacsaint" and
"Glimpses of Old Derrygonnelly" by Willie Parke. Willie Parke has given his permission for extracts from his publications to appear on Fermanagh Gold.

The information covers these landlords and locations:

Sir John Hume, Knight, undertaker of 3,500 acres HERE

Sir William Cole, Knight, undertaker of 1,000 acres HERE

Mr Archdale, undertaker of 2,000 acres HERE

James Lord Ballfoure, Barron of Clannally, Undertaker of 5,000 acres HERE

Barony of Lurg 

Sir Gerrard Lowther undertaker of 2,000 acres:
There is listed James Irwin who had a sword and callener and a William Irwin who had a sword and pike and Ffrancis Irwin with a sword and pike.

Mr. Fflower, undertaker of 2,000 acres: Christopher Irwin had a sword and pike; Christopher Calvert had a sword and callener and ffrancis Irwin had no armes and John Irwin had a sword and callener.

Leonard Blennerhasset, his churchlands being 1,000 acres George Irwin and Richard Irwin are among the 7 names.

Barony of Clankelly:

Edward Hatton, Archdeacon of Ardagh, undertaker of 1,000 acres Cloncare (or Knockballymore). There is listed a John Irwin with a snaphance onely.

Barony of Tirkenedy:

Lord Hastings' Churchlands being 1,500 acres A James Irwin is listed as having no armes.


55 Johnston
41 Armestrong
38 Beaty
33 Ellot
29 Graham
25 Little
17 Irwin
10 Nixon
9  Smith, Wilson
8  Brown, Hall, Moore, Thomson
7  Sympson

6 Anderson, Bell Clarke, Mitchell, Ossenbrooke, Rogers, West, Wiggen

5 Barton, Carleton, ffraye, Henderson, Maxwell, Mophat, Scot, Trotter

4 Allen, Atkinson, Crawford, Ewat, Greg, Montgomery, Murray, Noble, Notley, Portis, Rennick, Walker

3 Amerson, Burney, Brock, Black, Burse, Car, Cooke, Duffyn, ffrizell, ffoster, Gibson, Good, Goodfellow, Hayes, Harrison, Hemiston, Hogg, Hume, Knowells, Middlebroke, Ogle, Pageot, Presby, Readman, Robinson, Souage. Spence, Steele, Wallis, Westby, Widson, Williams, Williamson, Warrall

2 Dundas and other surnames

Peter Duffin was a captain in Atkinson' Muster Roll

The information contained here can be found in several locations:

1.  Trimble,W.C.; "Trimble's History of Enniskillen", pages 205-6.
2.  Sanders, Styles and Gower; Descendants of William and John Dundass", p. 33-35.
3.  Copy of the Muster Rolls, Presbyterian Historical Society, Belfast
4.  Original MSS 4770, Muster Rolls, British Museum

Further information about the Muster Roll available at the PRONI site.

All names have been entered into the Fermanagh Gold database with a link back to this explanatory page.

A glossary covering most of the items in the Muster Rolls can be viewed HERE

Contributed by Bill Barber