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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

There are three Groups of McAvineys known to have resided, or still reside, in Counties Monaghan and Fermanagh, Ireland.

The individual relationships are confirmed, but the ancestoral connection of the three Groups has not been established. I am seeking contact with anyone familiar with the McAvineys in hopes I (Phil McDonnell), can tie the three groups to single ancestors. To link the Groups for the Computer, fictitious headings have been assigned as follows:

1. Lake CLONKEEN in the section of the town of Clones, Monaghan, where my Grandfather, Philip McAviney's family farmed. His father was married to Catherine Gunn of "Fermanagh".
2. Central CLONES is where Philip's cousins lived and maintained a "Butter and Egg Yard" business on Fermanagh Street
3. KEVENAGH is the area around Newtownbutler, Fermanagh, where McAvineys date back 300 years on the Island of Galloon.

Phil McDonnell's Grandfather, Philip McAviney, a native of Clones, returned from New Jersey after 50 years to visit the "CLONES" Group in 1901 and wrote of them as his first cousins. Sir Thomas Lipton's parents lived in Clones before moving to Glasgow where they opened their first store in about 1850 to start the Lipton Tea Co. Lipton said their hams, butter and eggs came "from an old farmer friend in Clones named James McAviney," who would have been Philip McAviney's Grandfather.

John Desmond McAviney of Newtownbutler, told his brother, Vincent, before they both died, that Phil McDonnell was probably their third cousin. Vincent was the first to write of the McAviney Homestead "two fields away" from the Galloon Cemetery in Newtownbutler, where McAviney tombstones date back to the early 1700s.

The probable common ancestors of all three Groups are buried in the Galloon Island Cemetery and some still reside in Newtownbutler.

Outline of McAviney Tree