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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

It is quite amazing that so many people can trace their pedigrees back to such a tiny Irish village! At least I presume it is tiny - I have never been there. My gggrandmother, Mary Armstrong, was born in Ballinamallard in 1783. She was the eldest daughter of John Armstrong and Margaret Anderson. Her siblings were;
         Alexander b. 1784
         Margaret b. 1787
         Catherine b. 1789
         Margery b. 1791
         Elizabeth b. 1792
         Sarah, b. 1794
         John b. 1796
         Jane b. 1798
         Isabella b. 1801
         Robert b. 1804
         Francis b. 1805

Mary married Hugh Elliott of Cleenish parish, Mullygarry townland,
Co. Fermanagh. They emigrated to the Ottawa Valley of Quebec in 1845. Their son, Hugh (Jr.) preceded his parents to Canada. Hugh (Sr.) died en route. All but Alexander died in Canada but I do not know where.

My guess would be that many of the Armstrongs emigrated to the same part of the country. Parenthetically, I know that the Irish word  'baile', which gave rise to the 'Bally' in many Irish town names originally meant enclosure and came later to mean town but I have no idea what the origin of the 'mallard' part of the town's name means. I am sure it is an anglicization of an Irish word. 

Information supplied by:  Timothy Yates