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with links to Clegg of Fermanagh

By Robert E. Clegg - January 2002

An outline of the Hamilton Family follows below. Although mainly from Tyrone and Donegal counties, there are links with the Clegg family in Fermanagh.

[James Hamilton's Last Will & Testament is available to view and print, see below with Viewing and Printing tips are HERE]

Generation No. 1

A book titled, "THE FAIR RIVER VALLEY - Strabane through the Ages", published in the year 2000, by "The Ulster Historical Foundation", ISBN # 0-901905-96-8 has lots to say about the Hamilton Family. It relates that James Hamilton, Sr. was the Agent for Abercorn (The Earl of Abercorn) and though it does not give an exact range of dates it seems that James Hamilton, Sr. served as Agent beginning in about 1767, or earlier, and served until about 1800. The book states James Hamilton, Sr. was succeeded by his son, James Hamilton, Jr. Unfortunately, the book is not specific enough on the dates the two James Hamilton Agents served as agent for Abercorn. The earliest date found in the book referring to James Hamilton, Sr. as agent is July 1767 and it is on page 105. If we assume that the James Hamilton, agent, named in 1767 was thirty-five years of age, he would have been born in 1732. His first born, the James Hamilton, Jr., could then have been born in about 1752, or slightly later, and the next generation could come along in the period 1772 to 1777. Harriet, using the age stated in the 1850 U. S. Federal Census for Crawford County, Arkansas, was born in about 1785. The 1850 U. S. Federal Census for Crawford County, Arkansas and the 1860 U. S. Federal Census for Crawford, Arkansas each list her as age sixty-five. I believe her age stated in her Van Buren, Arkansas obituary is not correct. The age given as sixty-five in 1850 fits best and that age will be used until proven otherwise.

It is not definitely known if the James Hamilton, Sr., Agent for Abercorn, is the father of Harriet Hamilton or if James Hamilton, Jr. was the father of Harriet. The father of Harriet may have even been a third James Hamilton. It seems that through the years every male Hamilton always named one of his male children, "James". It is, thus, very confusing.

The book states and implies that Rev. Stewart Hamilton, appointed rector of Tyrone, was the brother of James Hamilton, Jr. The James Hamilton, father of Harriet, makes numerous bequests in his "Last Will and Testament" to his brother, his sisters, his children and grandchildren, and his nieces and nephews. Of all these people, he does not mention the name, James Hamilton, Jr. or Rev. Stewart Hamilton. However, Rev. Stewart Hamilton is named as a co-executor of his Will with a person that appears to read "Major Murray". James Hamilton's daughter, Maria, was married to a person named "Murray" and I suppose one could consider it normal to name a son-in-law as a co-executor with a son. Therefore, this causes one to possibly believe that the person referred to in the book as "James Hamilton, Jr." was, most probably, the father of Harriet and her five siblings. The mystery question is: Why did James Hamilton, Jr. not make a bequest to his brother, Rev. Stewart Hamilton? Could the Rev. Stewart Hamilton have been an uncle instead of a brother? If so, the puzzle fits together nicely. The reference to Rev. Stewart Hamilton being the brother of James Hamilton, Jr. can be found on page 126 of the book.

It must be remembered that authors of books are not always absolutely correct - they do make mistakes.


  Children of (FATHER HAMILTON and (UNKNOWN) are:
  2. i. JAMES HAMILTON, d. March 20, 1837, Camus Parish, Tyrone, Ireland.
    iii. JANE HAMILTON, b. Bef. September 29, 1814; d. Aft. March 21, 1821; m. UNKNOWN.
    iv. ELIZABETH HAMILTON, b. Bef. September 29, 1814.
    v. SARAH HAMILTON, b. Bef. March 21, 1821; m. (UNKNOWN) PODDAR.
    vi. STEWART HAMILTON, b. Unknown.
The Rev. Stewart Hamilton is not named as a beneficiary in the "Last Will and Testament" of James Hamilton, Jr. However, he is named as a co-executor with a Major Murray, who is probably the son-in-law of James Hamilton, Jr.

Stewart Hamilton has been included as a child of James Hamilton, Jr. for the reason that the book, "THE FAIR RIVER VALLEY - Strabane through the Ages", refers to Rev. Stewart Hamilton as the brother of James Hamilton, Jr. This reference is made on page 126 of the book.
Generation No. 2
2. JAMES HAMILTON ((FATHER OF JAMES)) died March 20, 1837 in Camus Parish, Tyrone, Ireland. He married (UNKNOWN).
This James Hamilton will be referred to as James Hamilton, Jr. for the reason it is the manner in which the book, "THE FAIR RIVER VALLEY - Strabane through the Ages", has referred to the son of a senior Hamilton, who was the Agent for Abercorn (The Earl of Abercorn), who was succeeded by his son of the same name.

It is believed the two James Hamilton's in this database are the same two mentioned in the above referenced book.

A copy of the Last Will and Testament of this James Hamilton is in the possession of Robert E. Clegg of Victoria, Texas. In viewing the will it appears from the bequests made to various members of his family that James Hamilton was a man of considerable wealth.

In viewing the marriage contract of Harriet Hamilton and George Austin, dated 17 August 1805, James Hamilton is mentioned as having been formerly of Grange in the County of Tyrone, Ireland but now of Langford, County Somerset in that part of the kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland called England. This statement coincides with the fact that James Hamilton, Jr. succeeded his father, James Hamilton, Sr; therefore, there was no need for Hamilton, Sr. to continue living in Ireland near the Abercorn properties. If James Hamilton, Jr. is to be considered as the father of Harriet, why is he residing in England in 1805 rather than in Ireland where his presence was needed so as to be near the Abercorn properties? This is difficult to understand.

James Hamilton is listed on the Family Page as having died in Camus Parish, County Tyrone, Ireland. I failed to make note of the source of this information. The source will be entered when again found.

This James Hamilton may or may not have been the Agent for the Earl of Abercorn as discussed in the book, "THE FAIR RIVER VALLEY - Strabane through the Ages", published in the year 2000, by The Ulster Historical Foundation, ISBN # 0-901905-96-8. The book mentions that James Hamilton, Jr. succeeded his father, James Hamilton, Sr., as Agent for Abercorn (The Earl of Abercorn). This succession took place in the 1790's or the very early 1800's.

James Hamilton detailed his many bequests made to the various family members. In every bequest made, he named the person and the relationship of that person to him, but he did not name the Rev. Stewart Hamilton, who the book states is his brother. Why?
  Children of JAMES HAMILTON and (UNKNOWN) are:
  vi. HARRIET HAMILTON, b. Abt. 1785, England; d. August 19, 1867, Van Buren, Crawford, Ar.
  Children of WILLIAM HAMILTON and (UNKNOWN) are:
  i. CHARLOTTE HAMILTON, b. Bef. September 29, 1814.
  ii. JANE HAMILTON (II), b. Bef. September 29, 1814.