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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

Robert Clegg introduces his article:
This narrative is about Clegg's in County Fermanagh other than my direct line.  There were three Clegg families in County Fermanagh at the same time and I really believe they were closely related but I have not been able to prove it.  Of course, I also have other earlier Clegg's of County Fermanagh in my database but I do not yet know where they fit and it looks as if I may never solve that mystery. 

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The Parents and First Generation

Robert Clegg, Patriarch of the Second Generation

Other Members of the Second Generation

The Third Generation
The Seven Children of Robert Clegg

Other Clegg Families in County Fermanagh

The First other Clegg Family

The Second other Clegg Family


Robert Clegg has provied some information on the Hamilton Family of Tyrone and Donegal (with some family members linked to Clegg) HERE

Composed in December 2001 from the Genealogical Data Files of Robert Clegg of Victoria, Texas; the Genealogy Data Files of Robert Bell of Ballymena, County Antrim, North Ireland; and the Genealogy Data Files of Jim Clegg of Auckland, New Zealand; all descendants of Clegg's in County Fermanagh, Ireland.

Revised in January 2002 
(Eliza Edgar Clegg Official Death Certificate was found)

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