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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

Gail includes this background information into her researches into the Burnside and Orr families.

They are from the Lord Brooke, Brookeborough Papers. Then my  cousin sent me and one other cousin copies of these to look at and try to find the connections. As you can tell they all deal with leases between the various Sir Brooks between various Orr's and Burnside's who lived in County Fermanagh though we know the Orr's had definite ties to County Tyrone. Now I don't know how all these Burnside's connect. 

So far we know that James and Thomas Burnside of Corlough belong to our line as Joseph Orr my other ggg grandfather took out a new lease with Sir Brook in 1827 for the lives of two young Burnside children both named James the sons of James and Eliza and Thomas and Lydia Burnside of Corlough for part of his property at Carrickapolin. Joseph Orr having taken out a lease yet another lease in 1825 at Ervey for himself, Joseph, Jr. , Henry and John Orr his three sons. Joseph, Jr married Mary Ann Burnside, Henry married Elizabeth Riddell and John married Margaret Burnside ( My gg grandparents) Both Joseph and John Orr named their first daughters Jane after their mother and second daughter's named Lilly and Lillian. Henry's first daughter named Margaret Jane after Elizabeth's mother Margaret Beatty and Jane after Henry's mother. Elizabeth Riddell Orr's parent's had a son named Fleming Riddell who married Jane Orr the daughter of Joseph Orr and Jane Todd Orr. Then both John Orr and Henry Orr named son's Fleming and the name is still in use to this date. As is the name Burnside as a second given name in my direct line at least the last I heard he was still living though quite elderly. 

We have Thomas Burnside's wife as Lilly but everything other then the  headstone gives us the impression her name was Lydia. But a great many ancestors named daughter's Lilly after her and the headstone has to be definitely wrong for her and Thomas as no woman could give birth to children at the age she would have been when she gave birth. It works out if you reverse there dates of dates and ages at death. Some have suggested that perhaps Margaret was a grandchild but the headstone clearly states THEIR DAUGHTER and these lease records prove that none of Thomas and Lilly's children would have been old enough to have had children yet. Rather think this headstone was placed in the cemetery at St. Ronans after at least John Orr's death in 1900. Margaret died in 1899 . After Reverend Fleming Orr's death the engraver carved his name under John's on the left side of the stone but made such a big mistake on that side as he had Fleming Orr dyingexactly 
100 years before he did that it was mortared over and so then placed his name on the right side under his infant daughter and his wife Myra Constance Plewman Orr. 

A lease was taken out by a James Beatty Lease # 348 July 1818 for the lives of William Burnside the oldest son of Thomas and Lidia Burnside of Corlough and Joseph Orr the oldest son of Joseph and Jane Orr Of Carrickapolin. James Burnside's eldest son was named also was named William if I remember right. 

Second son's of James and Thomas both named James. I have been rather hesitant to send what we have received as I sure don't want to take a source of income away from the researcher cousin Doug hired. But do have some births and a few marriages also that he found. We also have Henry Orr's will . Joseph Orr's ( Joseph , Henry and John's father) Will was proven in 1839 but since the building was bombed which held these records it seems to have been lost at that time . Henry's was not filed in Belfast not in Fermangh so it was found. The researcher thought it was one we would definitely not want but when I spotted it in his list I knew definitely we did want to see this one as I knew he had died in 1887 and that his son John was a Reverend. All of cousin Doug's father's family were baptized in Carrickapolin including his father Thomas Fleming Orr twin of Joshua Burnside Orr, JR and their father was Joshua Burnside Orr twin to Esther Orr.

I do have some lease # for the other leases in my records . Such as the one for James the Elder of Tattengelish is Lease # 451  I still have a few more to go through and this one is all hand written so have been it putting if off until the last. Lease # 12 1752 between a James Burnside of Bobrochan County of Fermanagh and Henry Brook's of the ? in the  City of Dublin .?????? James Burnside All that Moiety or proportion of  Bobrochan ? & a small part of Crocknagrelly now in the possession of Said James Burnside as the same is at & sent mared ??? But this lease is for the said James Burnside's life, Thomas second son of Abr (means above I rather think) of Tattinheglish aged about eight years and Thos. Burnside eldest son of Joseph Burnside of Tyrenny aged about 12 years old both in said County and for & during Life of Survivor or longest liver of them the Said James Burnside, Thos. Burnside, & Thos. Burnside. If I reverse just the date of death and keep the same age at death as listed on stone I come up with 1757 for Thomas birth year and a birth year of 1766 for her. But if I reverse both their dates of death and ages at death Lilly was born in 1778 and Thomas was born in 1745. In order for Lilly though to be mother of Margaret she could not have been age 73 in 1830 by date of death on the headstone and had Margaret in 1821/1822 but in bold letters it states Their Daughter. Plus there is the James and Thomas Burnside both of Corlough who both voted in 1788 and then as I said Joseph leased part of his land to their two young sons in 1827. Thomas G. Burnside born about 1815 who came to Illinois where William Burnside, Mary Anne Burnside Orr, Joseph Orr, and Lilly Burnside settled told his family he was born near Fivemiletown, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland