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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

During the early 1990s my mother, Margaret Jane Betty (1910-1998), entrusted me with a large collection of personal letters from friends and family members that had been retained by my father, Moore Betty (1900-1986). These letters dated from 1922 when he left Fermanagh for Toronto, Canada to the early 1980s. He was the last member of our family to have been born in Bellanaleck House. Transcribing this large collection of letters to computer sparked within me the desire to explore more deeply into my family history.

Bellanaleck House c. 1939

Bellanaleck House c. 1939
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Subsequent to my first visit to Enniskillen and Bellanaleck in 1994 I wrote to The Rev. S. Wright, Cleenish Rectory, Bellanaleck seeking information about the Betty family. In return I received a letter from Mr. Ivan Loane, "Rushin House", Bellanaleck stating that my inquiry had been forwarded to him and that a Miss Noreen Cooper, LLB (1910-1996) would be most anxious to be in touch with me since she had some information that she would like to pass on.

In the summer of 1995 my wife, Deanna, and I returned to Enniskillen and to Bellanaleck accompanied by our entire family: daughter Janice, son Robert and his wife, Arlette, and our two grand-children, Arielle and Colin. During this visit I was fortunate to meet with Miss Noreen Cooper at her home and was surprised to find that, not only did she have some information to share, but she had in her possession a cardboard box, somewhat water damaged, containing many old legal documents and certified copies of documents. These papers pertain to the lands of Bellanaleck. These Bellanaleck lands were held by the Betty family during the 1800s and early 1900s and are presently owned by Mr. George Thornton of Bellanaleck House.

I am deeply indebted to the late Miss Noreen Cooper for her kindness in welcoming me to her home and for making it possible for me to bring these documents back to Canada, on loan, for the detailed study of their contents that made possible the production of this project.

To Mr. George Thornton I wish to express my sincere appreciation for his generosity and his trust in allowing these documents to leave the country. It has taken several years to complete this project and to schedule a return trip which will allow me to return personally the loaned documents.

Ronald Moore Betty

August 27, 1999

Information submitted by: Ronald Betty to whom all enquiries about this feature should be addressed.