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Catholic Qualification Rolls Index: Fermanagh from the Clogher Record, 1959 Vol 2, No. 3 edited by Rev. P. O Gallachair

A Catholic in penal times was presumed guilty of disloyalty unless he could prove himself innocent. To avail of the provisions of the Catholic Relief acts, from 1778 he had to take an oath of loyalty at the assizes in the county town. The names were then registered in the Catholic Qualification Rolls according to surname, Christian name, occupation, address, date and place of taking the oath. These lists are a valuable addition to local and family history. 

Those published below are transcribed from MS 2486 in the National  Library of Ireland, where I used the microfilm copy of the ms. (Neg.1898-9.  Pos. 1898-9) and also from MS 1A.52.77 in the Public Records Office, Dublin.  List no 1 ...comes from the Nat. Library MS., while those from the Public Records Office are given under the list no. II below. 
--P. O Gallachair

Janet explains:
"Here is the Catholic Qualification rolls for Fermanagh by Fr P O'Gallagher,  copied from the CR (1959). 

"Info given is surname, first name, occupation or rank, address (townland) date and place of taking the oath. Surnames and townlands are given as recorded, no attempt has been made to "correct" them to more modern spellings.

"Every attempt has been made to type the information exactly as they appeared, using commas or semicolons as they appeared on the page; however, perfection is not guaranteed. Researchers are always advised to consult the original."

Janet C-S

Additional Information from John Cunningham:

The Catholic Relief Acts 1774-1793 were a partial dismantling of the Penal Laws which effected Catholics and Presbyterians in Ireland. Part of the incentive to change was the Government's desire to tap into the large reservoir of Catholic military manpower in Ireland. Bishop Hervey's Act of 1774 introduced a new Oath of Allegiance allowing for further change. The Relief Act of 1778 was introduced by Luke Gardner although promoted by the Government. It  allowed Catholics to bequeath land to a single heir but refused to allow them to purchase land. It did however allow Catholics to take leases up to 999 years. This effectively denied Catholics the political (voting) rights allowed to freeholders. Two further measures introduced by Gardner in 1782 allowed Catholics to buy land except in parliamentry boroughs and removed most restrictions on Catholic education and Catholic Clergy.

After the French Revolution the Government were anxious to prevent an alliance between Catholics and radical Presbyterians and a law allowing Catholics to practice law was introduced in 1792 and an act in 1793 was forced through by the Government allowing Catholics to vote and hold most civic and military positions e.g. not higher than Colonel in the army. The violently anti-Catholic rhetoric of the opposition to this bill and the resentment of Protestants who felt they had been betrayed by the Government increased religious conflict in the country. Catholics could not be Lord Lieutenant, Chief Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer or hold other senior civil positions. They could not be King's Council, judges, Governors, sheriffs or even sub-sheriffs. It was not until Catholic Emancipation in 1829 that these remaining disabilities were removed.

John Cunningham January 2001

List no. 1 
Alave, Terence, farmer, Hamlethill; 16 Aug, 1782; Enniskillen.
Brady, Andrew, carpenter, Edergould; 30 Aug 1785; do.
Browning, Thomas, farmer, Drumsillagh; 15 March, 1782; do.
Browning, John, farmer, Drumsillagh; do., do.
Cox, Philip, Mercht., Enniskillen; 17 March, 1780; do.
Cunningham, Patrick, wheelwright, Enniskillen; 25 March, 1783; do.
Craige, Charles, blacksmith, Beagh; 31 Aug., 1786, do.
Drummond, Francis, Popish Priest, Knockninny; 12 Aug., 1782; Cavan.
Dougherty, Edward, blacksmith, Drumgoone; 1 April, 1786; Enniskillen.
Durnin, Redmond, farmer, Cooleran; 31 Aug., 1786; do.
Durnin, Patrick, farmer, Cooleran; do., do. 
Goodwin, Roger, shopkeeper, Enniskillen; 20 March, 1779; do.
Grayson, Edward, shoemaker, Belleek; 17 March, 1780; do.
Kernan, James, brewer, Enniskillen; 20 March, 1779; do.
Karr, John, distiller; Enniskillen; do., do.
Kelly, Edward, shopkeeper, Tempo; 3 April, 1781; do.
Keary, Connor, farmer, Kieranmore; 15 March, 1782, do.
Maguire, Patk., gentleman, City of Dublin, 24 Dec., 1778; Chancery.
McGuire, Michael, gentleman,; Waring Street; do., do.
Maguire, Philip, Esq., Tempo; 19 June 1779, Common Pleas.
Maguier, Francis, gentm., Greaghnafina, Co. Ferm., 24 May 1784; do.
Maguire, James, farmer, Cornamuckle; 20 March, 1779, Enniskillen.
McManus, Terence, farmer, Tallenweir; do., do.
Murphy, Edmond, wood merchant, Gully Island; do. do.
Maguire, Philip, yarn mercht., Cornashanil; do.do
Maguire, Denis, innkeeper, Enniskillen; 17 MArch, 1780; do.
McNavy, Denis, yarn merchant., Skeagh; do., do.
Maguire, Patrick, yarn mercht., Skeagh; do., do.
Maglaughlin, James, farmer, Skeagh; do., do.
Maglaughlin, Terence, farmer, Skeagh; do., do.
Martin, Pelham, yarn merchant., Enniskillen; do., do.
McAuley, William, farmer, Bannaghmore; 14 April, 1781; Lifford
Morris, Patk., miller, Belleek; 15 March 1782, Enniskillen.
Maguire, Christopher, farmer, Lislea; 1 March 1786; do.
Maguire, Denis, Popish Bishop, Enniskillen; 12 Aug., 1782; do.
Mulligan, James, dealer, Drumma; do., do.
MacHugh, Edward, Popish Priest, Tempo; 16 Aug., 1782; do.
McManus, Peter, apothecary, Enniskillen; do., do.
McGoldrick, Andrew, sadler, Lowtherstown; 25 March 1783; Omagh.
Maguire, Patk., farmer, Letterbellit; 16 Aug 1782, Enniskillen.
Maguire, Owen, farmer, do. do., do.
Maguire, Michael, farmer, do., do., do.
Maguire, Connor, farmer, Buauw; do., do.
Maguire, Patrick, farmer, Bichol; do., do.
McCaffrey, Edward, mason, Desternon; 25 March, 1783; do.
McDermott, Christopher, farmer, Letterbailey; do. do.
McDonald, Alexander, farmer, Kilturk; 11 March, 1782, Cavan.
McHugh, John, farmer, Corlanade; 12 April 1784, Enniskillen.
McCaffrey, Patrick, farmer, Carrickahenan; 31 Aug, 1786; do.
McMahon, James, Parish Priest of Aghalurcher; 20 Sept. 1782; Monaghan.
Moynagh, Patrick, Parish Priest of Drumully; do., do.
McManus, John, priest, Enniskillen; do., do.
Nugent, John, dyer, Enniskillen; 20 March, 1779; Enniskillen.
Reilly, Miles, merchant, Enniskillen; 17 March, 1780; do.
Sweeny, Miles, butcher, Enniskillen; 20 March, 1779; do.
Shanly, Edmond, schoolmaster, Newtownbutler; 15 March, 1782; do.
Thally, Patrick, Parish Priest of Davnish & Bohoe; 16 Aug., 1782; do.
Timoney, Patt., distiller, Garrison; 9 Aug., 1781; do.
Tearney, John, merchant, Maguiresbridge; 1 April 1786; do.

List number 2:
Bready, Edward, farmer, Drumgorm; 8 May, 1794, Enniskillen.
Boge, Edwd., weaver, Crockanearn; do., do.
Bogue, Hugh, farmer, Fivemiletown; do., do.
Bogue, Owen, do., Crockagrally; do., do.
Bogue, Thomas, do., Coonan; do., do.
Bogue, Hugh, do., Crockagrally; do., do.
Breslin, James, do., Derryhullin; do., do.
Brady, Terence, do.; Derrykerb; do., do.
Callaghan, Thos., farmer, Blackhill; 10 July, 1793; do.
Carr, John, do., Enniskillen; do., do.
Cassady, Peter, farmer, Tempoe; 5 Sept., 1793; do.
Cassidy, Bryan, do., Drumgorm; 8 May 1794; do.
Cassidy, Fras., do., do., do., do.
Callaghan, James, Lurganbane; 16 July, 1795; do.
Collin, John, do., Drumgawna; 8 Oct., 1795; do.
Collin, John Junr, weaver, do., do., do., do.
Clifferty, Hugh, do., farmer, Tetnabuddagh; do., do.
Croker, John, gardener, Enniskillen; 14 Jan , 1796,; do.
Carrigan, John, cooper, Donagh; do., do.
Carrolan, John, --- Belle Isle; do., do.
Carberry, Barny, farmer, Keeranmor; do., do.
Durnin, Patrick, do., Cooleran; do., do.
Divin, John, merchant; Mulloughmore, 8 Oct., 1795.
Fodaghan, John, farmer, Brogher; 5 Sept., 1793.
Fodaghan, Patrick, do., do., do., do.
Flanagan, Nicholas, mercht., Enniskillen; 16 Jan., 1794.
Fitzsimmons, James, do., Hollybank; 23 April, 1795; do.
Flanagan, Bartholomew, do., Aghaheerin; 16 July, 1795, do.
Flanagan, Michl., do., do., do., do.
Flanagan, Owen, do., do., do., do.
Fitzpatrick, Michl., do., Derrycarb; 14 Jan., 1796; do.
Flaherty, Edwd., gent., Enniskillen; 21 Jan., 1796; do.
Gallagher, Edwd., farmer, Killicullen; 5 Sept., 1793; do.
Gallagher, Phillip, do., do., do., do.
Gillin, Charles, do., Legland; 23 April, 1795; do.
Healy, Peter, taylor, Aghaheerin; 16 July, 1795; do.
Jones, Francis, farmer, Drumgorm; 5 May 1794; do.
Jones, Hugh, do., do., do., do.
Kernan, James, farmer, Enniskillen; 10 July, 1793; do.
Kelly, Edwd., shopkeeper, do., do., do.
Keenan, Patrick, farmer, Tattanweir; do., do.
Keenan, James, do., do.; 5 Sept., 1793; do.
Kernan, Felix, gent., Enniskillen; 23 April, 1795; do.
Kernan, Terence, mercht., Enniskillen; 23 April, 1795; do.
Kerr, John, gent., Enniskillen; 23 April, 1795; do.
Keary, John, weaver, Goland; 14 Jan., 1796; do.
Murphy, Owen, woodman, Ross; 10 July, 1793; do.
Maguire, Robert, farmer, Timpoe; do., do.
McAveny, Patk., weaver, Collan
McCormick, Bryan, farmer, Sillinmore; do., do.
McErroll, Patk., weaver, Tottenweere; do., do.
McErroll, Hugh, farmer, do., do.,do., do.
Maguire, Connor, do., Timpoe; do., do.
Maguire, Patk., Litterbaliff; do., do.
Maguire, Denis, publican, Enniskillen; do., do.
McManus, Patk., mercht., M:G:Bridge; do., do.
McCaffrey, James, farmer, Tullyallen; do., do.
McCaffrey, Pat., mason, Letterberille;do., do.
Maguire, Philip, merchant., Enniskillen; do., do.
Maguire, Patk., farmer, Beigh; do., do.
Maguire, Michl., do., Leterbelue; 5 Sept., 1793, do.
McManus, Thomas, do., Tatinweir; do., do.
McCaffrey, James, do., Letterbalue; do., do.
Maguire, Domk., yarn mercht., Tempoe; do., do.
McCaffrey, Thos., farmer, Cooleran; do., do.
McCaffrey, Terence, do., Tullyolla; do., do.
Murphy, Patk., cooper, Federmore; do., do.
Maguire, Patk., farmer, Beigh; do., do.
McAvinua, Patk., do.,Cullian; do., do.
McCaffrey, Owen, blacksmith, Tullyallen; do., do.
McManus, Owen, mason, Tallanaweir; do., do.
McHugh, Neal, farmer, Droemsarey; do., do.
Maguire, Daniel, do., Drumgorm; 8 May, 1794; do.
McCabe, daniel, do., do.,do., do.
Murvernagh, Patk., do., do., do., do.
McGuire, Bryan, do., do., do., do.
McCabe, Hugh, do., do., do., do.
Morvernough, John, do., do., 23 April, 1795; do.
Maguire, Charles, do., Scandelly; do., do.
Maguire, Const., schoolmaster, Colebrook; do., do.
Maguire, James, farmer, Cornamucklagh; do., do.
Maguire, Conste., do., Aughavery; do., do.
Martin, Henry, do., Tattenabodagh; do., do.
Maguire, Denis, do., do., do., do.
McManus, Patk., mercht., M:G:Bridge; 8 Oct., 1795; do.
McElroy, Denis, Publican, do., do., do.
Maguire, Terence, yarn merchnt., Coe; do.,do.
Mackue, Richd., merchnt., Brookborough; do.,do.
Maguire, Philip, weaver, Lislea; do.,do.
Maguire, Arthur, farmer, Lismalore;do.,do.
Maguire, Patk., yarn merchnt., Coe; do.,do.
McManus, Roger, farmer, Kilnabudegt; do.,do.
McManus, Thos., yarn mercnt., Lebuoly; do., do.
McDermott, Hugh, farmer, Rossgear; do.,do.
McGuire, Danl., do.,Derrykerb; 14 Jan.,1796;do.
McDonagh, James, do.,do.;do.,do.
McGuire, James, do.,do.;do.,do.
McDermott, Thos.,do.,do.;do.,do.
McCaffrey, James, do.,Drumma;do.,do.
McGuire, James, do.,Kellynacran; do.,do.
McDonald, Hugh, do.,Derrykerb; do., do.
McAtagart, Owen, do., do., do., do.
McDonough, Fras., do., do., do., do.
McDonough, Philip, do., do., do., do.
McGuire, James, innkeeper, Newtownbutler; do., do.
McLoughlin, Thos., butcher, do., do., do.
Mahon, Philip, weaver, Bahopctt(k); do.,do.
Maguire, Patk., farmer, do., do., do.
Murphy, Edw., do., Killnabrack; do., do.
Murray, Roger, do., Kilroot; do., do.
McManus, Hugh, weaver, Kilturk; do., do.
Masterson, Thos., farmer, Drumgay; do., do.
McLusker, James, do., Gortlaugan; do., do..
McDonald, Patk., do., Kilturk; do., do.
McManus, Patk., Derrykerb; do., do.
Magauran, James, do.., Cappogue; do., do.
Mihan, Terence, whitesmith, Enniskillen; do., do.
McDonald, Peter, farmer, Derrykerb; do., do.
McAtagart, Peter, do., do., do., do.
McManus, Conns., do., do., do., do.
Maguire, Hugh, breeches maker, Enniskillen; 21 May, 1796; do.
Murphy, Peter, yarn merchnt., Kedue; do., do.
Murphy, John, farmer, Keadeave; do., do.
McCaffrey, Denis, do.., Tattenweir; do., do.
Owens, Terence, weaver, Edenmore; 5 Sept., 1793; do.
Reilly, Philip, mercht, Newtownbutler; 14 Jan. 1796; do.
Rooney, Philip, Publican, do., do., do.
Reilly, Philip, farmer, Derrykerb; do., do.
Sheannon, Danl., do., Tullinweir; 18 July, 1793; do.
Sweeny, Michl., gardener, Enniskillen; 8 Oct., 1795; do.
Smyth, James, merchnt, Enniskillen; 14 Jan., 1796, do.
Terny, Owen, farmer, Tatenbodagh; 16 July, 1795; do.
Terny, John, tanner, Gledstown; 8 Oct., 1795; do.
Terny, Danl., farmer, Derrykerb; 14 Jan., 1796; do.
Warnock, John, blacksmith, Tullallagh; 5 Sept., 1793; do.
Welsh, Henry, carpenter, Enniskillen; do., do.

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