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This page will provide links to other genealogy websites with details about Fermanagh born citizens. 

Davison, Edward, 1793-1887 b. FER d. Ontario
Earls Family Chronicles, lots of Fermanagh information
Gilchrist, Mary, b. FER c. 1852 m. John Spotswood, VIC Australia
Graham, Andrew, b. 1806 married Anne Noble, Canada
Graham, Harry, b. 1818 m. Jane Fleming (FER)
Green, Patrick, age 23, Buffalo
Kelso, Anthony and William, Flax Growers List 1796
McBride, Jane of Drumully Parrish, Marriage to David Poe 
McGuire, Patrick, b. FER bur. Lake Providence Cemetery
McKeon, Patrick, age 25, Buffalo
Roomy, Michael, age 23, at Utica
Rutledge, John [Belturbet?], age 30, Syracuse
Sankey, William, b. Brookeborough, 1853-1905
Starkey, Ann Stewart b. FER 29 May 1813, widow d. 28/5/1864