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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

Brian MacDonald has provided some invaluable information about Church Census Records. 

The first batch of records are the Church of Ireland census for Aghadrumsee (the Fermanagh portion of Clones parish). This material first appeared in the Clogher Record. The source document is the State of the North-Western Division of the Parish of Clones with respect to members of the Established Church, recorded in June 1823, by Revd. John Richardson, Curate. 

The records will give you parents names, townland, the number of children in the household; how many bibles are present, confirmation ages of the children and so on.

NAMES included in the Church Census Database
Abraham, Adams, Allen, Annan, Armstrong, Bannon, Barnwell, Bavis, Beatty, Bell, Benson, Bleakley, Bowes, Bredin, Brown, Brownlow, Buchanan, Cassidy, Clarke, Clarke - hill, Clarke - Moore, Clindinen, Copeland, Cunningham, Dawson, Donaldson, Doonan, Eccles, Edgerton, Elliott, Emmerson, Ferguson, Forster, Gardiner, Gauley, Godfrey, Graham, Greydon, Hamilton, Hanna, Hicks, Hogshaw, Holdsworth, Howe, Hughes, Irwin, Johnson, Kells, Kelly, Kenedy, King, Leghorn, Leslie, Lipton, Little, Livingston, Lough, Maguire, Magwood, Mayne, McAdoo, McCollum, McCormick, McDonald, McElroy, McMahon, McMasterson, McMullen, McNoran, McVity, Moffit, Moore, Morrison, Morrow, Murray, Nelson, Nichol, Nixon, Noble, Paisley, Perry, Phair, Reed, Reeky, Rennick, Robinson, Ross, Rush, Scott, Smith, Steward, Story, Thompson, Virtue, Wadsworth, Wallace, Welsh, Wiggins, Wilson

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Information supplied by:
Brian MacDonald
Clogher Historical Society
New Millennium Project
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