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Fermanagh Gold Introduction

In 1766 Church of Ireland rectors were instructed to collect information about householders in their parish, irrespective of the religion of the householder. The parish of Rossory in Clogher Diocese and Co Fermanagh contains in it of Protestant Families 126 and Protestant Inhabitants 586. Papist Families 108 & Papist Inhabitants 357.

There is in it neither Priest nor Friar being served by the Priests of Enniskillen. H. Dunckin, Curate.

The survey information is from LDS Film #0258517, a genealogical collection of muster rolls, householders, wills, deeds, parish registers. The lists in the database are from No. 725 Bundle 77. Rossory 1 and 2 and list 234 families living in the Parish of Rossorry, Diocese of Clogher, ("126 Protestant families and 108 Papist families"). Whilst the original records were destroyed in 1922, various transcripts remain.

Surnames represented within this list include:

a Heavy, a Nan, Amos, Amoss, Armstrong, Arthur, Atcheson, Banan, Belfour, Blakely, Bothwall, Bothwick, Boxter, Boyd, Bracreed, Brady, Breen, Breenan, Breston, Briggan, Brook, Brown, Brownen, Buchanon, Byng, Cadden, Caden, Callen, Carreen, Carson, Cassidy, Cathcart, Clarey, Clark, Clary, Collumt, Combs, Connelly, Conolly, Cookes, Corrican, Crone, Crook, Crozier, Cuningham, Curreen, Dogherty, Dreenan, Droogin, Drummond, Dunkin, Durneen, Elliott, Esterlrye, Fair, Faucet, Flanagan, Fletcher, Flin, Frazier, Gamble, Gaulaeher, Gowan, Gutteridge, Halbert, Henderson, Hetherington, Huston, Irvine, Johnston, Jones, Keenan, Kelly, Kevenay, King, Lally, Lang, Letford, Lindsey, Linen, Logan, Loghran, Long, Magivny, Maguire, March, McAlinner, McAllister, McAulay, McAuley, McAuly, McBreen, McCusker, McDonnell, McGoldric, McGrath, McGuire, McGwire, McKle, McLaughlin, McManus, McReavy, McSherry, Meehan, Melenay, Miller, Montgomery, Moore, Morevornagh, Mullaly, Mullrain, Murphy, Nelson, Nixon, Parsons, Pierse, Plunket, Portas, Price, Pundergost, Pye, Quigly, Quin, Roberts, Robinson, Roe, Sands, Scallen, Seery, Sheeran, Smith, Tichburn, Vietch, Walmsley, Walsh, Watson, Whelan, Whittaker, Whitten, Williams, Wilson

To search for a surname go HERE and click through the alphabetical start letters, or use the Custom facility. If there is more than one record for any of the surnames, you will see the full list of individuals. From that list you will be able to view full details of the record: Given name and religion "Protestant" or "Papist" as listed on the survey.