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Erected by Maggie Johnston in loving memory of her father, John Johnston, Feddans, who died April 19th, 1905 Aged 77 years.

Erected by John Johnston, Skea, in loving memory of his wife Jane, who departed this life, 20th February 1904 aged 65 years, also the above John Johnston, died 2nd Oct. 1905 aged 75 years.

Erected by Martha Mc Cutcheon in loving memory of her husband Charles mc Cutcheon, died 22nd Feb. 1952 aged 92 years also the above Martha Mc Cutcheon, died 11th August 1955 aged 83 years.

In loving memory of James Brandon, died 12th Sept. 1902 aged 84 years, and his wife Sarah Brandon, died 11th March 1911 aged 75 years.

In loving memory of Andrew Loane, Montaugh, who died 18th August 1902 aged 34 years. Robert Loane, 1865-1924, His wife Mary Jane 1872-1926. Their sons Robert John 1905-1959, and Christopher 1898-1971.

In loving memory of Frederick Armstrong, Letterkeen, who passed away 1st Dec.1912 aged 17 years. Also Margaret Jane Armstrong who died 13th April 1926 aged 27 yrs. Also their father Henry Armstrong died 9th March 1932 aged 78 years, and wife Jane died 5th May 1936.

In memory of James Johnston, J.P., Aughagriffin, died 13th August 1900 aged 58 years, also Lena, wife of Dr. Johnston, died 11th Sept. 1972. Dr. James Percy Johnston, died 8th Dec. 1978 aged 98 years.

In loving memory of Eleanor Wade who died 19th June, 1907, aged 74 years. Richard Wade who died 17th October, 1910 aged 93 years.

In memory of our dear father William Speer, who died 7th Feb. 1922 aged 81 years, also our dear mother Isabella, died 17th November 1925 aged 74 years. Their son William died 2nd July 1962 aged 68 years. Grandson Frank, died 10th June 1977 aged 48 years. Erected by their children.

In loving memory of James Speer, died 2nd July 1913, aged 39 years.

In loving memory of the Noble Family Gortnagullion.

ARMSTRONG. Walter Irvine Armstrong, died 31st December 1972.

SWINDLE.In loving memory of a dear husband and father, William John, called home on 22nd March 1979 aged 72 years. "Safe in the arms of Jesus."

In loving memory of Barton Graham who died 29th November 1913 aged 99 years. Barton Graham died 1st January 1974. His son Barton died 5th Jan 1951 also his grandson Stephen died 16th August 1976. Erected by his children Sarah, Ann, Thomas.

In loving memory of Hiram Duffy, Bannagh, who died 15th Feby 1918 aged 89 years. Also his wife Frances who died 6th May 1915 aged 57 years. Also his sister Elizabeth Anderson who died 14th Feby. 1925 aged 85 years, and his brother in law Robert Duffy who died 11th October 1944 aged 73 years, also his son William John who died 31st July 1977 aged 72 years and his daughter Elizabeth who died 8th March 1974 aged 82 years and daughter mary Jane who died 16th July 1975 aged 80 years. "Peace, Perfect Peace."

Mother. In loving memory of Maria H. Taggart who died 4th February 1915 aged 52 years.

In loving memory of Sarah Marshall, Drumhorick died 20th Augt 1929 aged 39 years and her children Mary, died 20th April 1901 aged 14 years. Edward died 1st March 1919 aged 26 years and her husband John died 17th Jan. 1932 aged 86 years and grandchildren Olive died 1st may 1941 aged 3 months. Muriel died 6th Oct. 1942 aged 3 years.

"The memory of the just is blessed." In sacred memory of Charles Moore, Drumkeeran, who died 21st July 1917 aged 65 years. Elizabeth Gibson Moore died 8th June 1927 aged 65 years and her children Henrietta died 16th Aug. 1934 aged 40. William died 10th September 1962 aged 74 years, Sarah died 31st January 1963 aged 72 years.

In fond remembrance of George Johnston Drumcurran died 18th May 1979. At Rest.

In loving memory of my dear wife Evelyn Knox, Dernasesk, died 31st March 1972 aged 49 years.

CHITTICK. In loving memory of our dear parents Elizabeth died 19th Nov. 1928 aged 40 years. William died 4th Feb. 1961 aged 85 years, and their son William Samson Chittick, died 22nd August 1980, cremated in Bedford England. "Peace Perfect Peace." Erected by their family.

In loving memory of George Barton, Bannaghmore who died 29th August 1942 aged 77 years. Also his beloved wife Sarah Jane died 1st April 1957 aged 85 years, also his son George died 24th February 1967 aged 60 years.

In loving memory of my dear husband Willie (Bell) died 18th August 1972.

Erected to the cherished memory of two dearly beloved aunts Sidney Allingham, Boa Island, who departed this life 21st March 1917 aged 85 years and Frances Allingham her sister who departed this life 7th March 1919 aged 96 years and of our dearest mother Elizabeth Jane Allingham who fell asleep 23rd April 1925 aged 84 years. "Until the day dawn and the shadows flee away."

In loving memory of Sidney Aiken died 8th May 1920 aged 72 years and of Ester Aiken died 18th May 1921 aged 76 years. Daughters of the late Thomas Aiken Creaghmore. "Until the day dawn and the shadows flee away."

In loving memory of Robert G. Dundas died 25th Sept. 1937 also his wife Edith M Dundas died 25th Jany. 1961. "Rest at Eventide."


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Contributed by John B. Cunningham

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