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Tirwinney Methodist Church was erected in 1870. This church is situated about three miles from the village of Ederney and a similar distance from the village of Lack.

ARMSTRONG. In loving memory of Robert, beloved son of Nixon and Eliza Anne Armstrong, Movarn, died 10th July 1933 aged 33 years. His mother Eliza Anne died 11th Nov. 1950 aged 78 years. His father Nixon died 2nd Feb. 1955 aged 89 years. Their beloved son Wm John died 6th September 1965 aged 78 years His wife Mary Jane died 6th June 1991 aged 84 years. "The Memory of the Just is Blessed."

In loving memory of John James Johnston died 9th June 1910 aged 56 years. Also his wife Elizabeth Jane died 8th May 1932 aged 80 years. Their son Thomas died 4th March 1950 aged 66 years and daughter Isabella died 5th December 1964 aged 71 years.

MC CLAUGHRY. Leehan. "Until the day break."

In loving memory of James Weir died 24th May 1947. His wife Mary Ellen died July 1930. Her son Alexander died 24th Jan. 1977.

KNOX. In greatful memory of Francis Knox J.P. Drumsowna House, Ederney who died 20th June 1932 aged 82 years. Also his wife Mary Annie who died 22nd of June 1943 aged 79 years. "Only The Actions Of The Just Smell Sweet And Blossom In The dust."

JOHNSTON. In loving memory of Bert Johnston, Tiermacspird, who died 20 ? July 1928 aged 69 years. Also his wife Catherine died 13th September 1946 aged 73.

MARSHALL. In loving memory of Frank H. Marshall (Evangelist) called home 11th August 1982. Also his loving wife Violet called home 9th January 1993. "Precious In The Sight Of The Lord Is The Death Of His Saints."

In memory of our dear mother Anne Jane Walker, Meenmossa, who died 18 March 1929 aged 84 years. "Asleep In Jesus." Erected by her daughter Tillie J. Walker U.S.A.

In loving memory of James Johnston, Meelbawn, who died 28th Feb. 1930 aged 79 years. Also his wife Margaret who died 24th Dec. 1919 aged 68 years. And their son William who died 7th July 1931 aged 55 years. Also his wife Mary who died 3rd Feb. 1950 aged 66 years. "Father In Thy Gracious Keeping Leave We Now Thy Servants Sleeping."

COLVIN. In loving memory of Thomas, died 17th November 1933. His wife Sarah died 12th April 1966. Their son Thomas died on 26th Oct. 1980 aged 85 years. "Peace, Perfect Peace."

BARTON. In memory of our parents Mary E. Barton died September 26th, 1927. Adam Barton died December 18th 1937. Also her brother Ernest C. Barton died March 7th 1938.

In memory of my beloved Uncle and Aunt James Johnston who died 23rd Nov. 1922 aged 81 years. Also his wife Eliza who died 25th Sep. 1928 aged 62 years. "Till We Meet Again."

JOHNSTON. In loving memory of Hilary Olwyn who died 9th June 1991 aged 19 years. "Lovely And Beautiful In Her Short Life."

MOFFITT. Treasured memories of Elizabeth died 5th November 1901 aged 23 years. George died 9th September 1933 aged 58 years. Susan died 7th March 1952 aged 81 years. Thomas died 4th December 1954 aged 85 years. Robert died 22nd December 1961 aged 27 years. Annie, wife of George died 3rd May 1968 aged 71 years. "In Heavenly Love Abiding."

MOFFITT. In loving memory of our dear father Edward Moffitt passed away 26th October 1933. And our dear mother Ellen passed away 20th November 1952. "In Heavenly Love Abiding."

JOHNSTON. In loving memory of William Edward Johnston, Lack, who died 10th January 1937 aged 86 years. Also his wife Rebecca who died 14th March 1955 aged 90 years. And their son William Robert who died 8th October 1967 aged 77 years. And their daughter Evelyn Martha who died 21st May 1978 aged 81 years.

CHITTICK. In loving memory of our dear parents William, died 8th August 1942 aged 78 years, Elizabeth died 15th Jan. 1961 aged 92 years. Daughter Hennie died 28th Nov. 1943 aged 25 years. "Safe In The Arms Of Jesus."

MULDOON. In memory of the Muldoon Family, Corlaught East. Erected 1961.

In loving memory of my dear husband Thomas N. Glendinning who departed this life 15th April 1955 aged 75 years. His wife Margaret departed this life 27th Oct. 1979 aged 89 years. "Peace, Perfect Peace."

In loving memory of Arthur Johnston, Glasmullagh, died 2nd June 1906 aged 58 years. Also his wife Sarah Anne died 17th January 1951 aged 90 years. Also son Arthur died 24th August 1972 aged 85 years. Also son Robert Ernest died 13th April, 1976 aged 71 years. "Redeemed With The Precious Blood Of Christ."

SIMPSON. (Ederney) In loving memory of our dear parents Sadie who died 13th November 1971. James who died 16th April 1977.

ACHESON. In loving memory of George, died 8th July 1986 aged 83 years. "Safe In God's Keeping."

JOHNSTON. In loving memory of Jervis Johnston died 25th February 1973 aged 83 years. "Redeemed."

BARTON. In loving memory of a dear husband and father Oliver died 2nd Feb. 1973 aged 63 years. "Redeemed."

In loving memory of Mary Jane Johnston, Stranadariff, died 26th November 1944 and was interred here. Also her mother Margaret died 25th June 1917 aged 74 years. And her father John died 17th May 1927 aged 84 years and were interred in Colaghty Churchyard.


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