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The Bridge into Galoon

It is a song written by my cousin Tommy Tinneny of Cullion, Newtownbutler. Tommy and his daughter Peggy Tinneny McKenna are deceased. The story is about the bridge he worked on many years ago and my cousin Fidelma Tinneny of Quivvy Belturbet assisted me by transcribing the following from an original audio tape that old tommy made. Tommy also wrote songs one of which was titled "The Bridge Into Galoon."

Following are the words to that song which were transcribed from an audio tape of Tommy singing the words by our cousin Fidelma Tinneny of Quivvy.


Come on you gallant Irish men
I'll tell both one and all
I hope you'll pay attention
Since on you I do call
In place of a few men I speak
You'll hear their names quite soon
Fought a battle for that bridge
Across on to Galoon

James Goodwin James McCaffery
These heroes brave and bold
Have fought a long determined fight
A cause for to uphold
For four long years they laboured hard
To have a cot no more
So now we're going to get the bridge
Across lough Erin's shore.

James Goodwin was the first to write
To Creight
* to come to pay
To see the hardships they had got
When crossing at the quay
Some others came by foot and car
That day to Derrydoon
An English Lordship was conveyed
Across on to Gallon

When he arrived upon the hill
To take a look once more
He looked down on to Crom Domain
That's on lough Erne's shore
He then asked James McCaffery
Where the road would need to go
Just around the back of Kevneagh
The best way that I know

So it's home they went with merry hearts
And knew the day had come
When hardships they were near an end
And happiness begun
When every man could give three cheers
When standing on the quay
And bid goodbye to Johnny's cot
We'll never need them more

So now the bridge has started
For myself I've got a job
The contractor's name is McManus
And the gaffer's name is Bob
He is a nice old gentleman
Is all that I can say
But all the wages we have got
Is four and ten a day

And when the bridge is finished
Lord Creight will return to see
The splendid architecture and the fight
Of our own J. D.
In case of distillation
We'll have a man to speak
And instead of spending months in jail
We'll only get a week.

Now to conclude and make an end
My pen I will lay down
As I have sung the praises of
Those fellows all renowned
Not forgetting Lord James Cooper
Or the noble work he'd done
Assisted by J. D. McGrath
The victory he won.

Tommy Tinneny
Of Goladuff and Cullion

* Lord Craigavon - Sir James Craig

Reproduced by permission of his daughter
Peggy Tinneny McKenna

Contributed by Richard J. Tinneny

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