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ALLINGHAM [Fermanagh Biographies]

Jon Martin writes:
I have been aware for some time that the entry relating to Christopher ALLINGHAM is incorrect. Unfortunately the Editors relied on family information which, as is so often the case, was not correct. For the benefit of those wanting to use the information from this site, would it be possible to include the correct info somewhwere? Christopher ALLINGHAM was born in Co. Fermanagh, probably in 1829. He arrived at Port Jackson, N.S.W.on the 'Percy' on 28 August 1841. How near a relative he was to the poet William ALLINGHAM is a good question, but it seems unlikely the relation was close. The Edward ALLINGHAM who also arrived on the 'Percy' was NOT his brother, but some sort of cousin (son of Edward ALLINGHAM and Elizabeth MORROW.

If anyone wants further details of these relationships, they are welcome to contact me.   Jon Martin

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John D Bryan (Griffiths Valuation - Devenish)

Janet C-S writes:
Readers may like to note that this is actually John D(awson) Brien of Castletown, Monea.  He held land in both Devenish and Inishmacsaint, and the name is spelled wrong on this part of the GV.  
Janet C-S

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John Cunningham has added this piece of information about  FEDDANS - see Tubrid Church

Feddans is the adjoining townland to Tubrid. You can look over at the church and graveyard from Feddans. It contains 276 acres and the occupants in Griffiths Valuation of c 1850 were:- John Johnston, George McGregor, Henry Burton, Peter Bogan, Henry Keys, William Campbell and Christopher Isles.

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